Cubs acquire Wade Davis, divest Jorge Soler

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The news of the Winter Meetings revolved around the Chris Sale. Once he was out of the way, though, nearly all the chatter surrounding the Meetings was Wade Davis and his 2017 team. While the Cubs were always the team most whispered, it was by no means a sure thing until today. In a straight one-for-one swap, the Cubs acquired …

Changes to Baseball in the CBA

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The owners and the MLBPA came to an agreement, and there is a new 5-year collective bargaining agreement. Baseball is about to change some. The winning league of the all-star game no longer gets homefield advantage in the World Series. It now goes to the team with the best record. This is a great change. The 15-day DL is now the …

Taking stock of the top relief pitching options

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A wild blog post appears! To paraphrase something Theo Epstein said during the 2015 playoffs*, whoever wins the World Series will prove the Right Way to Win and every other team will follow suit in the offseason. In 2016 the conventional wisdom has turned out to be having a relief ace or two that you can ride to death in …

America’s 4 year rebuilding plan

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Electoral College has hired Donald Trump, 70, as the new general manager of the United States Americans. Terms of the deal are not finalized, but they look to be 4/59,611,678, with a 4 year team option. Trump said “I’ve spent my entire life in business, looking at the untapped potential in projects and in people all over the world.” “That is …

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Cubs 8, Cleveland 7 (World Series Game 7)

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This is just the greatest. I don’t even know what to say. The Cubs finally did the thing, in the most heart-attack-y way possible. And we were all able to see it happen. Let’s skip the negative crap and focus on what was great because, again, THE CUBS ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS. Twenty Five up: Fuck it, I’m just going to …

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World Series Game 7: Cubs @ Indians Game Thread

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Time: 7:00 PM CT TV: FOX, FOX Sports Go, ESPN Radio Series Preview Gameday LINEUPS (103-58, 3-3) Dexter Fowler, CF Kyle Schwarber, DH Kris Bryant, 3B Anthony Rizzo, 1B Ben Zobrist, LF Addison Russell, SS Willson Contreras, C Jason Heyward, RF Javier Baez, 2B Kyle Hendricks, P Hendricks Stats 190 IP 8.05 K/9 2.08 BB/9 2.13 ERA 3.20 FIP 3.59 xFIP (94-67, 3-3) Carlos …