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Cubs 5, Brewers 3

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OSS: Cubs come back and win in extras thanks to a Bryant bomb. Three up: Kris Bryant hit a go-ahead two run homer in the tenth inning to put the Cubs back in the lead. Bryant was 3-4 on the day and also drew a walk, which was mitigated somewhat by the dozen or so double plays that the Cubs …

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Rays 8, Cubs 1; Pirates 6, Brewers 4

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OSS: Jon Lester looks bad, but the Pirates offense remembered their bats for once. Three up: The Pirates Adam Frazier hit a walk-off HR to drop the Cubs magic number to 8. Frazier also got the run scoring going with a triple in the second inning. It took a player having a WPA of nearly .700 for the Pirates to …

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BREAKING: The Pittsburgh Pirates scored!!!

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During the 3rd inning of tonight’s game with the Milwaukee Brewers in Pittsburgh, the Pirates scored a run. The memorable moment came when Adam Frazier tripled in Domingo Santana and Jordy Mercer during the Pirates half of the inning. The three witnesses in attendance were all from Pittsburgh.

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Cubs 2, Rays 1

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OSS: Monty and the bullpen combine to one-hit the Rays. Three up: Mike Montgomery was great today after his brief bullpen test, allowing just a solo home run over six inning while striking out six and issuing zero walks. Edwards, Strop, and Davis shut the door over the final three innings, striking out five Rays and not allowing anyone to …

Cubs 39, Mets 14 (9/12/2017 – 9/14/2017)

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Cubs 14, Mets 6 (9/14/2017) Three Up 1. Anthony Rizzo leads baseball in WPA. Did you know that? Don't lie. You totally didn't.  Seriously, admit it. You didn't know that. … … Why do you always do this? It's ok to admit when you don't know something. Nobody is going to think less of you if you don't know that …

Cubs 8, Mets 3 (9/13/2017)

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OSS: Cubs finally score more runs than they allow. Three Up: 1. Kyle Schwarber went 3-3 with a HR and a walk. If only he stopped doing so much god damn charity work, he might have went 4 for 3, right Alvin? 2. Kris Bryant hit a 3-run bomb and silenced all of Cubs RISP Twitter. I get the impression …

Cubs 3, Pirates 4 (9/5/2017)

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OSS: That fucking 8th inning. Three Up 1. Kyle Hendricks was pretty solid today. He didn't walk a single batter (only 2 strikeouts, so lots of balls in play). He made one bad mistake to David Freese, but allowed no other runs on the day. 2. Ian Happ had a 2-run single that would give the Cubs a 3-2 lead …

We have to talk about Dillon Maples

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Baseball can be an exceedingly cruel game. The best hitters are defined as the ones that fail merely 60% of the time they come to the plate. Throwing the ball means always being a pitch away from the disabled list and an uncertain future. The path to success is littered with the failures of near-identical men and the smell of …