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Dreamcast 74: Fumes

In by Rice Cube46 Comments

Kind of sucky that we have actual jobs and lives and responsibilities that make it so our recording sessions often coincide with Cubs games, and also sucky that sometimes, the Cubs don’t win those games. But methinks most of what we said during this latest poop of a loss is still applicable as the Cubs remain in contention in the …

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That Which Remains

In Major League Baseball by Rice Cube56 Comments

The Cubs hold a slim one-game lead in the chase for the final NL wild card spot, just above the Marlins, who hold their head-to-head tiebreaker. The Cubs are also currently half a game behind Arizona, who also hold the tiebreaker. And somehow the Brewers still have not clinched the division, although it would be quite funny if the Cubs …

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Cubs 6, Rockies 3

In Postgame by berselius46 Comments

OSS: Cubs scratch back runs to beat a bad team. Three up: Three down: Next up: The Cubs go for the sweep with Jordan Wicks on the mound against Ty Blach at 1:20 CT. The Marlins are currently beating the Beers 4-1 in the sixth inning as I write this. They start tomorrow at 12:40 CT. The Dbacks were rained …

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Cubs 6, Rockies 0

In Postgame by berselius25 Comments

OSS: Cubs cruise to the easy win we’ve been waiting to see. Three+ up: Three down: 1. Still lots of head scratching over PCA and Canario not getting starts, but I guess it worked out today.2-9: Pretty much all of the last week, oy. Next up: The Cubs, now in sole posession of the last wild card spot, will ‘start’ …

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Dreamcast 73: The Moving Goalposts

In by Rice Cube107 Comments

We promise never to talk about magic numbers again too prematurely because that past stretch kind of went to hell in a hurry, but the Cubs are still miraculously in a good position to earn that postseason berth should they choose to play better in these final two weeks, and the first game back at home was a pretty good …

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Two Weeks

In Major League Baseball by Rice Cube33 Comments

I knew that I wrote something like this a while back, but I didn’t actually know it was from June, before the Cubs made enough of a run to actually get into buy mode. Since then, the Cubs have went on quite the run to get into the postseason picture, but are now unfortunately on the outside looking in, albeit …

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Dreamcast 72: Magic Number Math

In by Rice Cube13 Comments

Rice and berselius talk about the current stretch of struggling Cubness, and try to do some math to figure out the Cubs magic number should they ever decide to play good baseball again. You can check out the podcast page or just click on the embedded players below. You can also use the sidebar to get to our Apple Podcast pages and …