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The 2024 Hall of Fame Class

In Major League Baseball by Rice Cube51 Comments

Perhaps it is coincidental that the National Baseball Hall of Fame would announce its inductees in the same week as we got the Oscar and Razzie nominations (I have opinions on those too), but the time has come to welcome more icons into the shrine of humans who were very good at this baseball thing. We know from earlier that …

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The 2024 HOF Ballot

In Major League Baseball by Rice Cube4 Comments

So the National Baseball Hall of Fame just revealed the official writers ballot for this coming HOF class: I can’t tell you what to do (or think, or vote for if you even had a vote), but for me I believe I would do the following, with hearty apologies to those who missed the cut: I can see a few …

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Goodbye, A’s

In Major League Baseball, News And Rumors by Rice Cube37 Comments

I get the messaging from the A’s and Giants now ever since I used the Ballpark App to get tickets when the Cubs are in town. As you know, the A’s and Oakland have been at loggerheads for a while, and somehow they decided that Las Vegas was the logical place to go. I’ll have thoughts on this probably when …

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Championship Series, As If the Two “Leagues” Weren’t Just One MLB Anymore

In Major League Baseball by Rice Cube145 Comments

And then there were four. The division series this year were pretty lopsided and not the way any of us would have thought, but in retrospect, that teams that got bounced, despite having the better seed, probably should have done more with their pitching. In further retrospect, I guess you don’t expect so many injuries or that much ineffectiveness all …

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The 2023 Postseason

In Major League Baseball by Rice Cube7 Comments

This is the bracket: The Cubs, of course, finished a game (more like two with tiebreakers) out of a playoff spot so they don’t get to play anymore, but this is a pretty solid field that should generate lots of fun for this coming month before we ponder free agency and offseason trades.

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Don’t give up. Or do, I can’t tell you what to do.

In Commentary And Analysis, Major League Baseball, Playoffs by andcounting72 Comments

The Cubs are as on the brink of elimination as they can be. That the E hasn’t been posted next to their name in the Wild Card standings entering the penultimate game of the season is bittersweet. This officially official do-or-die moment comes at an earlier point than I could have imagined three weeks ago yet much later than I …

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That Which Remains

In Major League Baseball by Rice Cube56 Comments

The Cubs hold a slim one-game lead in the chase for the final NL wild card spot, just above the Marlins, who hold their head-to-head tiebreaker. The Cubs are also currently half a game behind Arizona, who also hold the tiebreaker. And somehow the Brewers still have not clinched the division, although it would be quite funny if the Cubs …