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The Quest For a Competent Bullpen

In Facepalm by Rice Cube78 Comments

I figured since the last post about the offense got us some runs, maybe I’ll reverse-curse the team and help their bullpen stop sucking too? Generally I think there are way too many uncompetitive pitches, getting them behind in the count, and then they have to go back into the zone where they almost invariably hang one in the happy …

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The Quest to Score More Than One Run

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I got nothing here, just needed a new thread probably. By all rights this team should be capable of scoring better, but everyone is playing like crap so that even if they do get baserunners, none of them are coming home. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll address this when we pod or whatever, and perhaps they’ll score some run(s) against the …

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Vote for Your Not-Even-First-Half All-Stars!

In Facepalm by Rice Cube207 Comments

I’m not entirely sure which Cubs actually deserve it given their prolonged slumps, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple picked in reserve and none actually starting from the position player corps, but you can start voting for All-Stars at this time. As in previous years, MLB is letting online voters stuff the ballot box with five votes …

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Moving On From Disappointment

In Facepalm by Rice Cube176 Comments

There’s no sugarcoating it, this has been a very horrible stretch for the Cubs and they probably need to have a team meeting or some kind of surprise call-up or trade or signing to spark…something. I’ve generally mellowed out after the Cubs did the thing back then that some people forgot, but it’s a lot more fun to follow a …

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New Cubs Slogan

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The hashtag might need either a reworking or a reformatting because yikes, but this isn’t absolutely terrible IMO. UPDATE: (dying laughing) they changed the hashtag (dying laughing) Just in case they nuke the original, behold:

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Cubs 2024 Promos!

In Facepalm by Rice Cube17 Comments

The Cubs just released their promotional items for this season: There are some pretty fun player bobbleheads, including one of Ryne Sandberg’s statue, plus Clark the Cub plushies for the kids. There’s also this incredible Pat Hughes sweater shirt. Guess I’ll be planning a trip if I can.

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New Year Boredom

In Facepalm by Rice Cube22 Comments

So here we are, the first post on this here website in the year of our lord 2024. As has been indicated by many media outlets and online personalities, the Cubs have still not made a major league transaction, whether trade or signing, and we are probably a week or so away from torches and pitchforks at the Cubs Convention. …

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Pondering Pitching

In Facepalm by Rice Cube112 Comments

To preface this, and for those of you who listened to the latest Dreamcast, we sort of remarked on it too: Now it’s easy to blame David Ross for a lot, but I imagine a lot of the directives to use guys in certain spots of the lineup probably aren’t his decision, although he does use substitutions (pinch-hitting, pitching changes) …

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Small Sample Size Silliness with the 2023 Cubs

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The Cubs were rained out of their series finale with the Reds on Wednesday, and since I’m bored until they return to Wrigley for a home stand on Friday, I thought I’d look at the statistics so far and draw some wildly inaccurate conclusions based on it since that’s how the media and bloggers like to do things. I am …

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Hot Takes for the Off Day

In Facepalm by Rice Cube24 Comments

You know how they say that spring training doesn’t matter and also keep harping on the whole small sample size thing? Well, the sample and performance probably doesn’t matter much for the guys you know are going to be making the team, but for the ones who are on the bubble, more often than not you’d like them not to …