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The Return of Bote

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Rejoice, ye peasants, the lords on high have heeded your cries. In short: It appears David Bote shall return to the Cubs, replacing Nick Madrigal. Bote has been playing all over the place on the infield, including shortstop, and has more power potential than our short king. Meanwhile, Madrigal will get what I presume would be more regular playing time …

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Nearly Final Best Guess Cubs Opening Day 2024 Roster

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OK, so given the stuff from the last thread and taking into account what we’ve already considered for the just-prior-to-Cactus-League-finale roster guess, I think we might just have it this time! So while we wait for Shohei Ohtani (and possibly his new, vetted non-gambling interpreter) to read a statement or whatever, here we go: Catchers (2) Yan Gomes – primary …

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Cubs Spring Breakout

In Minor Leagues, News And Rumors by Rice Cube41 Comments

The MLB Spring Breakout event is coming up this weekend and it should be fun for those of us who just want to watch baseball without worrying about who’s going to make the team, especially when it comes to the Cubs: As you can see, the roster is comprised of Cubs prospects who are notable but have not yet made …

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Tom Ricketts Talks Shop

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Looks like Tom Ricketts has seen fit to talk to the media today. My vantage point is that the Cubs have drawn their line in the sand, and Scott Boras has drawn his, now they just have to compromise because Ricketts won’t undermine Jed Hoyer by directly negotiating with Boras. It also does sound like he would very much prefer …

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Goodbye, A’s

In Major League Baseball, News And Rumors by Rice Cube37 Comments

I get the messaging from the A’s and Giants now ever since I used the Ballpark App to get tickets when the Cubs are in town. As you know, the A’s and Oakland have been at loggerheads for a while, and somehow they decided that Las Vegas was the logical place to go. I’ll have thoughts on this probably when …

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Welcome Craig Counsell!

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So the Cubs did their thing they do once every decade where they dump a sitting manager for an obvious upgrade. Here’s the intro press conference, enjoy! Here’s our episode where we reacted appropriately to the news last week (dying laughing)

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An Unexpected Hire

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Presented without comment for now… Probably more later. Looks like the Cubs just waited until after that random deadline and pounced: Craig gonna get himself paid: And it seems it’s a straight firing for David Ross, bummer for him:

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Tom Ricketts’ Letter to Fans

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Presented without comment, we just got the customary after-season letter from the Cubs chairman, Tom Ricketts, and we can analyze this later but the gist is that they’re going to do stuff to compete again, I suppose. Cubs Fans, This wasn’t the way we wanted the season to end and every year we miss the playoffs is a difficult one. …