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Cody vs ACME: Will Cubs Delete Playoff Hopes?

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What’s worse than being a Cubs fan with a World Series addiction? How about being a Looney Tunes fan with a hankering for new movies. Today we heard reports Warner Bros. is shelving straight-up deleting the no-longer-forthcoming film Coyote Vs. ACME. Nostalgia? Joy? Hope? Heartbreak? Pursuit of the incessantly elusive prize? Delete it all, say the lucre-sucking suits. Sorry, fans, …

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Welcome Craig Counsell!

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So the Cubs did their thing they do once every decade where they dump a sitting manager for an obvious upgrade. Here’s the intro press conference, enjoy! Here’s our episode where we reacted appropriately to the news last week (dying laughing)

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Dreamcast 77: Back on the Bandwagon Again

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Welp, we had this thing done on Sunday night and then the Cubs went and blew up our plans, so we recorded again. Mind you it’s a good thing that they did the thing, but still, considering how most of us have actual jobs, this is as early as I could get it to you (dying laughing) This time: We’ll …

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An Unexpected Hire

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Presented without comment for now… Probably more later. Looks like the Cubs just waited until after that random deadline and pounced: Craig gonna get himself paid: And it seems it’s a straight firing for David Ross, bummer for him:

Chris Bosio to be Cubs pitching coach

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Per Carrie Muskat, Chris Bosio will be the Cubs new pitching coach. The official announcement will be next week. Bosio pitched with the Mariners and Brewers, no-hitting the Red Sox in 1993. He retired in 1998 and has largely worked in pitching instruction since. He worked with the Mariners minor league organization as a pitching coach after retirement, and later …

NL Central Questions & Answers: Milwaukee Brewers

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Throughout the week we’re going to be posting some Q&A’s with other NL Central bloggers about the upcoming season.  Berselius has written some nice previews for each team so we’re going to try and post those fairly close to one another.  These are some very good blogs and I encourage all of you to check them out.  Up first is …