Jason Heyward is Going to Get Paid (Probably)

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One name that seems to be popping up here and elsewhere the past few days is Jason Heyward.  He is heading into free agency, and the Cubs could definitely use an outfielder, even though Heyward isn't a true centerfielder. Thinking about it a little, the thing that struck me about him is that I can’t remember the last time a player as …

Carl Crawford and Jacoby Ellsbury

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Remember to vote for the Hall of Fame here at Obstructed View. Jacoby Ellsbury's agent, Scott Boras, has said that he wants Carl Crawford money for his client. Crawford, who signed with the Red Sox after the 2010 season got $142 million over 7 years (that's the benchmark for Boras for his newest client). Is that a reasonable goal for …

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A few things that don’t make sense

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Carl Crawford and a prospect to the Marlins for Hanley Ramirez and Heath Bell is something that Bob NIghtengale is suggesting is in the works that doesn't make the least bit of sense. Carl Crawford, a truckload of money and all the Red Sox prospects for Hanley Ramirez makes sense, but other than that this is just ridiculous. I've read …

Series Preview: Boston Red Sox (31-32) at Chicago Cubs (21-42)

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Wait, the Red Sox have a losing record? That was a surprise to me. Pythagoras disagrees with their record, as they have a +26 run differential, second in the AL east and 4th in the whole AL. If their non-winning trend continues they might have to watch out for some sleeper cell cultists. Luckily the Red Sox are playing the …

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The 45%: When Theo Epstein Is Wrong

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During Theo Epstein's introductory press conference, as well as the many rounds he made to various radio and tv shows, there is one line that I remember more than any other. if you do a great job, you're right 55 percent of the time. Of the many hours Theo spent talking with people about the Cubs on that day, I …

Evaluate GM Decisions At The Time They Are Made!

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You’ve probably read similar articles elsewhere and are sure to read them in the future, but the Boston Globe took a look at Theo’s transactions and marked them as successes or failures. If you’ve been reading this site or ACB before it for any amount of time you know I have serious issues with how people classify transactions in that …

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Carl Crawford's 2011 Season

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One of the running jokes around here is that I hate Carl Crawford. Really, I don’t. And I don’t take greater than usual glee in his disappointing season (at least, above seeing the Red Sox lose). It all stems from this article I wrote back in February complaining about the near-universal acclaim for the 7/$132m deal that he signed with …

Which types of players have been injured? (UPDATED)

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Fellow Cubs blogger Doc Blume opined in the comments to today’s article at LOHO that part of the Cubs injury issues stem from the roster being filled with players with questionable medical histories, as the Cubs had no money to spend on better players. The lack of payroll room the past few offseasons pushed the Cubs towards signing/acquiring marginal, injury …

Series Preview: Chicago Cubs (19-23) at Boston Red Sox (23-20)

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This could be interesting. Or very ugly. If you’re looking to be patronized, be sure to check out today’s column by Gordon Edes. Team Overview Team stats with respective league rankings wOBA: Sox: .331 (7th), .328 (3rd) UZR: Sox: 5.1 (5th), Cubs: -6.7 (11th)DRS: Sox: -16 (12th), Cubs: -28 (15th)SP FIP: Sox: 4.25 (12th), Cubs: 4.03 (10th)RP FIP: Sox: 3.75 …