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Off Day Cubs Math Before the Dodgers Steamroll Them

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I’m mostly kidding about the title but not really, as objectively the Dodgers are quite good at baseball, but then again the Cubs have also shown some promise and given us cause to be excited, so perhaps it will be another situation where the Cubs win one, lose one, and the third game is a coin flip just as in …

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Whither TV Money?

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There’s been a growing discontent over the fact that about half the teams in MLB may be affected by their regional sports networks crapping out financially. Even the Sonny Gray deal by the Cardinals, who should be a financially well-off historic franchise, is heavily backloaded, while the Padres are not-so-discretely signaling that they’re going to dump salary, among the other …

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Game 69 and Beyond

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I think I’m still not necessarily keen on Cody Bellinger playing first base (at least until he’s back to full strength) but given the alternatives, I’ll live for now, especially if the Cubs keep doing what they’re doing after a sweep of the division-leading Pirates. Of course, the Orioles come to town and they’re legitimately a good team (if not …

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World Baseball Classic 2023

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As spring training arrives next week, there will be a few star (and honestly a bunch of non-star) players reporting a bit earlier than usual (including the Cubs’ Seiya Suzuki, who is already in Arizona) because they’re participating in the World Baseball Classic. Marcus Stroman will also play again, this time representing Team Puerto Rico after having pitched the USA …

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The Calm Before the Storm

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I haven’t written anything since last year (technically true), but there hasn’t been much going on regarding the Cubs anyway aside from a few anticipated DFAs to allow the reported signings to become official. In the meanwhile, like many of us who are bored out of their minds, I’ve been reading the slow drips of news that have come out …

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The Cubs Night Before Christmas 2022

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‘Twas the night before Christmas, including Chicago Barely anyone stirring because it’s so cold The Cubs had signed Dansby and young Bellinger With hopes for a new ring for the baby bears The plan was to load up on pitchers and D To ensure the opponents scored fewer than three As many batters put on other teams’ caps What’s to …

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About Spending…

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I know AC (and others) are very antsy for the Cubs, and anyone in MLB for that matter, to stop their faux collusion and start spending already, but the calendar is the calendar and both the agents/players and the owners/front offices are in a staring contest at the moment before the Winter Meetings in a couple weeks. I was going …