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Counterpoint: It’s OK to Root for Chapman to Be Good at Baseball

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From the comments, the acquisition of Aroldis Chapman is pretty polarizing. I, in fact, was part of that camp until I looked more into what did/didn’t happen and tried to think about how much it all matters to us as fans of a baseball team. Myles wrote up his take on Chapman from a baseball and personal perspective. I’ll leave out …

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You Are Not The Sun

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Al has done it again. As most of you have seen by now, Yellon Fever has posted an open letter to Cubs fans. It's bad, it's sad, and it's more than a little embarassing. "There's going to be an apology coming up, but first I want to tell you a couple of stories. Please note! This post is going to be quite …

Interview with Tom Tango (aka tangotiger)

In Commentary And Analysis, Major League Baseball, theory, Unobstructed Views by myles4 Comments

As most of you probably know, Tom Tango now exclusively consults with the Cubs. This is incredible news: Tom Tango, also knows as tangotiger, is one of the greatest baseball minds in the game today. Many of the foundational statistics that we have today come from The Book, the spiritual successor to The Hidden Game of Baseball. Mr. Tango has …

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Worst Moves of the Epstein Era

In Commentary And Analysis, Unobstructed Views by GW214 Comments

Since opening day is here (well, not here, but somewhere), it seems like an appropriate time to catalog the numerous failures of the Cubs under The Epstein Regime. Sure, no actual games have been played, but it’s never too early to make like mb and don your three wolves tee and start excoriating optimistic chumps. After all, future blogging historians …

Discredited Fantasy Baseball II: Attack of the Chones

In Unobstructed Views by Obstructed View Staff7 Comments

I've reopened our ESPN fantasy baseball league for another season. The draft is tentatively set for Tuesday, March 20 at 8:00 CST. It is a 12 team, 5×5 Roto league (NOT head to head, you accumulate statistics in 10 categories over an entire season). The categories for hitters are R, RBI, SLG, OBP, and net stolen bases. The categories for …