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Bending the Rules

In Major League Baseball, Other Topics by Rice Cube77 Comments

Towards the end of the previous post, in between waiting for the Cubs (and really all of MLB) to show signs of life on the transactional front, AC and I started pondering how batters might mess with pitchers with the new pitch clock rule coming in 2023. As a reminder, in addition to the defensive shift restrictions and the larger …

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Random Crap For the Off Day

In Other Topics by Rice Cube23 Comments

We have to wait for the World Series to end before anything will happen that necessitates any level of “analysis,” so I figured it was fine to just pull a Seinfeld and write a post about mostly nothing. I thought about some of the silly baseball terms that people still argue about online (at least until Twitter dies, but I’m …

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A Wish List For Fun Baseball

In Major League Baseball, Other Topics by Rice Cube8 Comments

So anyway, while waiting for the World Series to resume and then for the offseason rumor mill to start churning at maximum speed, I was thinking about what new stuff to throw up on this website and decided to take another crack and stuff that I really like about baseball that need to be emphasized. Part of this is to …

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This Generation’s “Mr. Cub”

In Other Topics by Rice Cube35 Comments

While we wait for the World Series to start (and end) so the Cubs can finally do something to get back to the postseason, I realized a couple things that stemmed from the previous entry. The one thing is an extension of that blog, where it’s way more fun when the Cubs win, and that could generate far more goodwill …

Predicting Tommy John Injuries

In Major League Baseball, News And Rumors, Other Topics by dmick8961 Comments

Bradley Woodrum and others on MLB Trade Rumors have spent hundreds of hours working on a way to predict Tommy John injuries. The Cubs risk factors are pretty good to look at for the most part.  Risk+: This is merely a representation of how far above average or below average the player’s risk is. Here, 0% indicates a league-average risk; 100% …

Starlin Castro’s Trade Value

In Commentary And Analysis, News And Rumors, Other Topics by dmick8972 Comments

The Cubs have three middle infielders for two positions. Addison Russell is planted at shortstop so that leaves Starlin Castro and Javier Baez for 2nd base. There are other possible scenarios. Baez or Castro could move to centerfield if the Cubs don’t re-sign Dexter Fowler or add another CF via free agency or trade. Neither have played there, but there’s …

The New Obstructed View (and a word on ads)

In Other Topics, Site, status by myles91 Comments

As you can certainly tell, OV has gone through some extensive changes. While the partnership with Bloguin alleviated much of the work for us (and when I say "us", I mean dmick89. He is the one that does nearly everything behind the scenes, and OV simply wouldn't exist without his leadership), it introduced other problems. Chief among them were the …