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A Trivia Quiz For You

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Here’s the site –> Feel free to post your results, I doubt I’ll be able to get to full blackout but here we go…

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Merry Christmas

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This is usually around the time I’d make some kind of parody of a classic Christmas poem or that Mariah Carey song, but the Dodgers have sucked all the fun out of this offseason and stalled everything so there isn’t much non-Dodgers/non-Juan Soto news to report, especially not from the Cubs, who barely did some random minor league signings (which …

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Mr. Cube Goes to Court

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So as you know, I had jury duty this week and that was a different experience than my previous ones with the judicial process. I don’t think I’ve ever actually been inside a courtroom before, but the first time I went to jury duty, I sat in a holding room for hours until the clerk told us to go home. …