Podcast with Dreamcast

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Rice Cube got some of us together to do a podcast! Hopefully this will also show up on the OV feed, assuming that the tubes to itunes etc haven’t been clogged with the dust of indifference.

Oh You’re In For It Now

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So Berselius decided it was a good idea to give me writer privileges on this website. As some of you may know, my old blog buddy decided to shutter the old WSD site when we just couldn’t justify doing it anymore since neither of us could blog more than once every three months or whatever. Then ChicagoNow went offline so …

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Cubs 6, Rockies 4

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OSS: Suzuki continues to impress as the Cubs come away with a .500 road trip. Three up: Seiya Suzuki had yet another solid day, going 1-3 with two walks and a home run. His slash line on the season is a whopping .400/.543/.960, good for a .590 wOBA and 284 wRC+. Hooray for small sample sizes and all, but this …

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Cubs 2, Pirates 1

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OSS: The Cubs might be meh overall this year, but it looks like Suzuki is going to be pretty fun to watch. Three up: Seiya Suzuki provided all of the Cubs offense today, thanks to two solo shots. SSS applies of course but his slash line currently sits at .417/.529/1.167, with three homers and eight RsBI. And four walks! It’s …

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Cubs 5, Brewers 4

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OSS: Chicago Cubs baseball is on the air! Three+ up: Ian Happ went 3-4 with 2 RsBI, and led all Cubs players with a .351 WPA on the day. Happ hit a ground rule double in the second, and the biggest hit of the day with a tie-breaking two-run double in the 7th inning that gave the Cubs the lead. …

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New Cubs, who dis?

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Between the probably-too-late fire sale last summer and the labor unrest prolonged ownership cash grab over the offseason, the Cubs franchise has spent the least amount of time in decades living rent-free in my head. But as soon as the new CBA was finally ratified, like clockwork I found myself checking to see when the Cubs travel to Denver and …

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Fire (sale) season

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I almost wanted to leave that Padres recap up as a reminder that we ever thought this Cubs team might be good (dying laughing). With Anthony Rizzo being the first of the big ticket guys to be traded, I guess we should put up a new post. The worst part of the Cubs window finally slamming shut is that I’m …

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Cubs 3, Padres 1

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OSS: 5-1 against the Padres ain’t too shabby…I guess the Cubs are good again. Three up: With several regulars out for scheduled days off or fighting nagging injuries, the backups had yet another big day. Sergio Alcantara hit his first Cubs homer, and Patrick Wisdom had the Cubs highest WPA play of the day when he singled off Darvish in …

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Cubs 7, Padres 2

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OSS: Cook County General Hospital Squad bombs their way past the team with the best record in baseball. Three up: Javy hit two home runs, including a Sosa-esque bomb that hit the CF camera shack above the batters eye. Javy’s line now sits at .260/.295/.514, good for a .343 wOBA, and he’s on pace for another unique 4-5 WAR season. …