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Dreamcast 69: A Nice Stretch

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As the Cubs continue to chip away at their deficits in both the division and wild card races, RC, SVB, and Berselius hang out to consider how to bridge the rotation until Stroman gets back (and hopefully doesn’t suck), Drew Smyly going to the bullpen, trying to get Seiya Suzuki right, and extending Cody Bellinger. Plus there’s some extended talk …

If You Dare to Hope

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The Cubs have some work to do, obviously, but MLB did just release the postseason schedule: I think the Cubs have a good shot at snagging at least one of the wild cards, but if they can somehow win the division, they’ll still likely have to play in the initial wild card round. Unfortunately MLB still can’t keep the World …

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The Season Does Not End Today

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The Cubs enter this week having won a hard-fought series against the literal best team in baseball. They also did, once upon a time, win another series against the current best team in the American League as well. They also lost a bunch of winnable series but at this point, if you look at the breakdown, the only bad month …

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Fun Cubs Facts After the Reds Series

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That was a fun series. Here’s some silly facts after the Cubs significantly improved their run differential. Somehow, those 150 runs represents the most in the National League or maybe even the majors, I forgot which, but it’s a lot. Beating the hell out of the team that used to lead the division up until you beat the snot out …

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Dreamcast 68: Making It Worthwhile

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Glad the Cubs didn’t blow it in the ninth, but they probably should figure out how to find a better lefty reliever. Anyway, RC & Berselius hang out to discuss the happenings around the Trade Deadline now that it’s over, including what the Cubs did. We also hope for a quick fix for Marcus Stroman and Seiya Suzuki while also …

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The Final Countdown (UPDATES)

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I think we would all have liked the Cubs to sweep the Cardinals, but sweeps are hard no matter the team, and winning the season series while basically forcing the other guys to sell off all their good players is fun too. But it hasn’t been just the bad teams that the Cubs have done well against, as I remarked …

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Mr. Cube Goes to Court

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So as you know, I had jury duty this week and that was a different experience than my previous ones with the judicial process. I don’t think I’ve ever actually been inside a courtroom before, but the first time I went to jury duty, I sat in a holding room for hours until the clerk told us to go home. …

The air was sticky, but the Pelicans bats were not.

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I told Rice Cube and Berselius I’d occasionally write about the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, since I go watch them with some regularity. That was 6 weeks ago, so I’m living up to the occasional part. field, where the Pelicans play, is about 40 minutes from my house, so it’s pretty convenient, and I go to about 10 games each …