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Cubs 1, Brewers 0 (4.26.18)

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OSS: Cyle and Kyle eke out a Cubs win. Three up: Kyle Hendricks had a Cyle Hendricks performance, pitching seven innings with no runs and no walks allowed. He struck out five and allowed just four hits (IIRC, all with two outs). This is the third game in a row where a Cubs starting pitcher has faced at least one …

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Series Preview: Milwaukee Brewers (15-9) @ Chicago Cubs (11-10)

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Team Leaders Now that I’m lazy and copying the earlier Series Preview, I'll use the teams' 2017 numbers here instead. Cubs OBP: Kris Bryant (.409) ISO: Ian Happ (.261) HR: Anthony Rizzo (32) R+RBI: Rizzo (208) wRC+: Bryant (146) BSR: Bryant (4.8) Defense: Willson Contereras (12.8) SP K/9: Jose Quintana (10.46) SP BB/9: Quintana (2.24) SP FIP: Quintana (3.25) RP FIP: Carl Edwards Jr (12.75) RP BB/9: Brandon Morrow (1.85) RP FIP: Morrow …

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Is it time to shake up the infield?

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The Cubs' offense has been incredible this year. Among starters, the OPS+ for each starter, in descending order: 193 181 173 128 117 115 (Jason Heyward!) 67 44 The astute reader will note that there are two less-than-average bats in that lineup. The first is Anthony Rizzo, who has dealt with back issues this year and is, well, Anthony Rizzo. …

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Cubs 10, Cleveland 3 (4.24.18)

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OSS: The Cubs treated the Cleveland pitching staff like it was game 6 of the World Series. Three up: Kyle Schwarber had a big day, hitting a laser beam of a home run in the second that probably left a scorching hole in some fan in the bleachers and following it up with a moonshot in his next PA. War …

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Cubs 9, Rockies 7

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OSS: Albert Almora brought his glove. Three up: He was only 1-6 at the plate today, but Albert Almora Jr. made three amazing catches in CF that were likely the difference in this game. He came into the year looking at the short half of a platoon, but he's pretty much guaranteed a spot for himself in the starting lineup …

Cubs 2, Rockies 5 (4.21.18)

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OSS: Darvish loses the handle in the fifth. Three up: The Cubs started this one with a bang, hitting to solid singles to lead off the game and then were inches away from a three run homer by Contreras. Denver local David Bote hit a double in his first MLB plate appearance, so good for him. The Rockies fans around …