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Alexander Guerrero Stats

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  Cuban News The Dodgers are reportedly out of the running for Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez. This comes as a bit of a surprise given their current proclivities for spending.¬†The¬†pitching in LA is looking better these days, as Zack Greinke seems to have turned it around, and Ricky Nolasco has been added to shore up their rotation. What remains to be …

Cubs interested in Brandon McCarthy and Yunel Escobar

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The Cubs are reportedly one of the teams interested in A's free agent Brandon McCarthy. There's a lot of competition though. The A's have been in contact with another of their free agents, starter Brandon McCarthy, but expected that there would be strong competition for the right-hander and they're right: The Chronicle has learned that among the clubs already expressing …

Baseball, sports and insensitivity

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Mercurial Outfielder posted a link to this thoughtful article on The Platoon Advantage. “You are a Faggot.” That was Escobar’s message to anyone that came within ten feet of him or owned a high-resolution camera lens. It was a message that was understood by those who speak Spanish or the ability to Google, and no one stopped him. Not his …