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Cubs 2024 Promos!

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The Cubs just released their promotional items for this season: There are some pretty fun player bobbleheads, including one of Ryne Sandberg’s statue, plus Clark the Cub plushies for the kids. There’s also this incredible Pat Hughes sweater shirt. Guess I’ll be planning a trip if I can.

The Only Thing Tom Ricketts Threatened Was Some People’s Delicate Sensibilities

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The Cubs released more renderings of what they would like Wrigley to look like after the renovations they've been planning for four years are complete. There was nothing earth-shattering. We already knew what a jumbo video board would theoretically look like thanks to amateur fans with Photoshop skills. This version had lights on the top of it. Neat. Of course, …


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I recently stopped in at a local dive called Ritz Klub in Michigan City, Indiana. I had heard their burgers were the best thing ever to happen to dead cattle, so I had to see for myself. I had also heard the place was something short of a spectacle for the eyes, and I love a place that’s not too …

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What would make you give up on the Cubs?

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Aisle 424 wrote last week about the paucity of fans at U.S. Cellular at the conclusion of the White Sox' sweep of the Yankees, and it got me to thinking. It got me to thinking so much I actually used the word paucity in a sentence. But mostly it made me ponder the possibility of the same thing eventually happening to …

Sometimes You Have to Learn to Say Goodbye to Those You Love

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I love Wrigley Field.  I love watching games there.  I love that it is nestled into the neighborhood and it has become the focal point of the local businesses in the area. I love the absence of a scoreboard that doesn’t tell me when to cheer.  I love the minimal advertising that assaults my eyes when watching a game. People …

Don’t Ever Bet On the Cubs at Home

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Today, I happened upon a site looking at how well you would do historically if you bet on the Cubs regularly. Obviously, (and I don’t think we needed actual data to convince us of this) the result of such betting would have been bad.  Not Oh-Darn-I-Guess-I-Won’t-Be-Able-to-Buy-That-iPad-Now bad, but more like Holy-Shit-I’m-Now-Homeless bad. I don’t fully understand how lost “units” are …

AT&T Ballpark vs. Wrigley Field

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I had the opportunity to take in a ballgame at AT&T Park in San Francisco on Friday so I thought I would put it up against Wrigley to see how it compares.  Of course, I have one game experience at AT&T and hundreds at Wrigley, so this is not intended to be the final word in comparisons.  I’d welcome any …