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New Year Boredom

In Facepalm by Rice Cube22 Comments

So here we are, the first post on this here website in the year of our lord 2024. As has been indicated by many media outlets and online personalities, the Cubs have still not made a major league transaction, whether trade or signing, and we are probably a week or so away from torches and pitchforks at the Cubs Convention. …

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Do Something!

In Commentary And Analysis, Major League Baseball by Rice Cube24 Comments

I think I want to see another few years of this version of the postseason before I start lobbying for one of AC’s fun ideas to change things up. What I am sure of, at this time, is that the NLCS was a lot of fun to watch. Even if I’ve been a little bored with three-true-outcomes baseball, when the …

“Daily” Facepalm – Samardzija Rumors A’Plenty

In Commentary And Analysis by berselius73 Comments

Diamondbacks interested in Samardzija Buster Olney got the Samardzija trade train rolling with a tweet last week saying that the Cubs and D-Backs would keep talking about a Jeff Samardzija deal. There were vague rumors around the trade deadline that the D-Backs were interested in Shark, but the Superfriends were (rightly) asking for a king's ransom in return, so things …

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Who Might Be Traded This Year?

In News And Rumors, Transactions by myles77 Comments

A cursory glance at the Cubs' roster tells you a lot about the makeup of this team. They look be to a middling rotation, a middling bullpen, and a bottom-third offense. That's a good enough team to win 73-75 games (which would be a dozen or so win improvement); not the worst team in baseball, but not a good one …

Series Preview: Chicago Cubs (43-65) at Pittsburgh Pirates (54-52)

In Series Previews by berselius230 Comments

The Untouchables (h/t @thecubreporter) head to Pittsburgh to lose in beautiful PNC Park. Pittsburgh improved itself at the deadline by adding former foes Derrek Lee and Ryan Ludwick to the squad. The Pirates picked up Lee for an unranked by BA A-ball first baseman, and Ludwick was acquired for a PBTNL. The Cubs largely failed to improve their farm system, …

Fukudome —————-> Indians (UPDATED)

In News And Rumors by dmick89205 Comments

Multiple reports claim that the Cubs are close to sending Kosuke Fukudome to the Cleveland Indians for two prospects (according to Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Paul Hoynes, it’s an upper level and lower level prospect, one a pitcher and another a position player. The Cubs well send cash to cover most if not all of Fukudome’s salary. Supposedly Fukudome has waived …

Looking Back at the Matt Garza Trade

In News And Rumors by dmick89146 Comments

I was none too happy when the Cubs traded for Matt Garza in the offseason. It wasn’t that I didn’t like Garza. He was a good pitcher about equal to Dempster and Zambrano so that would obviously be good if you can add a starter like that to any rotation. However, I hated what the Cubs had to give up …