Dale Sveum tries to compliment someone

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He's [Brian Bogusevic] been the Joe Mather of camp so far — Dale Sveum I'm pretty sure Dale Sveum meant this as a compliment, but saying someone is the Joe Mather of anything is kind of the opposite. I'll just repost what I already did about Mather. Joe Mather was the worst player in baseball last year. Baseball Reference only thought …

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Bimillenial Facepalm – 11.2.1

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Cubs "losing" a bunch of players to free agency/waivers Team MVP Shawn Camp was the only officially official free agent on the roster, but a few other players have opted for free agency after being kicked off the Cubs 40-man roster. Apparently they don't realize that "cut from the Cubs roster" is not going to be a net positive for …

Roster Reshuffling update

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The Cubs have transacted half a zillion minor moves in the last week. We'll take a page from Phil Rogers and use the +/- system, because it actually means something in this context (i.e., how many roster spots are open). Outrighted to Iowa (i.e., off the 40-man) RP Blake Parker SP Justin Germano OF Joe Mather RP Marcos Mateo SP Jason …

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Season in review: David DeJesus

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I was looking through our media library, and it looks like the only pictures we have of DeJesus in the system are of him in a Royals uniform, his wife, and his ridiculous truck. That's pretty much summed up his year as a player. He didn't do anything in particular to raise anyone's ire, but never really distinguished himself either. …

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The Top 20 Cubs performances in a 2012 game

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I was curious which players had the best games in 2012 for this shitty team we follow. I used Win Probability Added (WPA) from Baseball Reference to compile the list. There's no reason to write more of an introduction than that so here they are. 20. Travis Wood, .395 WPA Despite Wood's up and down season, he ended up having …

The worst Cubs of 2012

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In a season that has mostly sucked it seems appropriate to pay tribute to those who helped them suck even more than they would have otherwise. I haven't looked this over so I'm doing the work as I write along. We'll start with the position players and if I feel like I'll do one for the pitchers tomorrow. Joe Mather …