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OV Bunt Tournament Contest!

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Spring Training is finally here! The next month or so is probably my favorite part of the year, because it's when I can delude myself into thinking that maybe the Cubs could get close to resembling a competitive team, sorta. This year looks to be no different; I've tricked myself into thinking the Cubs could win 81 games this year. …

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Daily Facepalm 2.27.2012 | Still No Games

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  Bunting Brackets Busted Tony Campana was beaten by Steve Clevenger. Not in a brutal nanosophobic assault, but in a bunting contest. You could easily take this news with dismay that the guy whose only hope of reaching base is for the ball to come to rest too far in front of the defenders was ousted in the first round …

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Daily Facepalm 2.23.12, Position Players report

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Position players report to spring training today Speaking of which, Mets manager Terry Collins is bitching yet again about players not reporting earlier than their report date. Pouliot summed it up well in the post And that’s just not right. MLB and the MLBPA negotiated reporting deadlines for a reason, and no player should be pressured to show up early. …

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Daily Facepalm 2.22.12

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We just have the point-after-try to kick, or something Several months ago, we were on the "five yard line" in the Theo compensation situation. Since then we've crossed the blue line, stepped into the paint, crossed the box, and veered right at the fireworks factory exit, and now it's finally been decided that Cubs prospect Chris Carpenter would be the …


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Mercurial Outfielder hates the bunt. He absolutley hates it. He’s not alone. There are a lot of people who think it’s a dumb strategy and there are a lot of people that think that one run is so important that it’s always a good strategy. The answer is somewhere in between and that’s what The Book focused on for 50 …