The 2024 HOF Ballot

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So the National Baseball Hall of Fame just revealed the official writers ballot for this coming HOF class:

I can’t tell you what to do (or think, or vote for if you even had a vote), but for me I believe I would do the following, with hearty apologies to those who missed the cut:

  • Bobby Abreu
  • Carlos Beltrán
  • Adrian Beltré
  • Todd Helton
  • Andruw Jones
  • Joe Mauer
  • Manny Ramírez
  • Álex Rodríguez
  • Gary Sheffield
  • Billy Wagner

I can see a few guys get some token votes or the writers trying to strategically keep a few guys on the 5% threshold so they can look at them next year. Per Baseball-Reference, the ballot will get sort of re-crowded again when guys like Ichiro, CC Sabathia, and even former Cubs World Series legend Ben Zobrist hop onto the potential list of names. I do think based on their vote totals, Todd Helton and possibly Billy Wagner make it this year along with Adrian Beltré (maybe, he might have to wait a year), which would dump Sheffield to the mercy of various Veterans Committees. There’s a chance that A-Rod and Manny will just languish on the ballot until they drop off because eww steroids.

The HOF will announce the voting results on January 23rd, you can read a lot of words here.

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    Absolutely wild to see Cubs season tickets readily available after so many years of a waitlist in the tens of thousands.

    I was in the 100,000s on the wait list but the Cubs still called me a few times to offer tickets a couple years back, I guess they burned through the wait list rapidly…

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