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Cody vs ACME: Will Cubs Delete Playoff Hopes?

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What’s worse than being a Cubs fan with a World Series addiction? How about being a Looney Tunes fan with a hankering for new movies. Today we heard reports Warner Bros. is shelving straight-up deleting the no-longer-forthcoming film Coyote Vs. ACME. Nostalgia? Joy? Hope? Heartbreak? Pursuit of the incessantly elusive prize? Delete it all, say the lucre-sucking suits. Sorry, fans, …

If You Dare to Hope

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The Cubs have some work to do, obviously, but MLB did just release the postseason schedule: I think the Cubs have a good shot at snagging at least one of the wild cards, but if they can somehow win the division, they’ll still likely have to play in the initial wild card round. Unfortunately MLB still can’t keep the World …

The air was sticky, but the Pelicans bats were not.

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I told Rice Cube and Berselius I’d occasionally write about the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, since I go watch them with some regularity. That was 6 weeks ago, so I’m living up to the occasional part. field, where the Pelicans play, is about 40 minutes from my house, so it’s pretty convenient, and I go to about 10 games each …

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Dogs >>> Cubs

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So everything we said in the last Dreamcast still applies and also the Cubs shouldn’t go full sell off even if they are tracking to really suck ass. Unfortunately I am still 0-for-Oracle, and we will see if I get another shot to get into the win column next season (unless I move back to Chicago earlier than expected). At …

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Mr. Cube Goes to Oakland

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So hey everyone, I went to the getaway day game at the Oakland Coliseum (named after whatever sponsor they have these days, but like the Sears Tower I only know it by the generic name everyone else uses) and did not regret it. This was, as they say, a game time decision where I weighed how much I really wanted …

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A Little Realignment Exercise Because I’m Bored

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I recall AC or some other jabroni did this once upon a time but I can’t find it. Anyway, let’s do the news bits first. The Challenges in Oakland and Tampa Bay As has been said numerous times by the oft-reviled commissioner of baseball, MLB expansion to 32 teams is inevitable, but first they have to resolve the situations with …

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Dreamcast 54: Whose Fault is This Anyway?

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From my previous rant and given the busy schedule of the other jabronis, I recruited a Twitter buddy to commiserate with re: how stupid the Cubs are and how they can potentially unfuck the offseason somewhat. You can listen below: Appreciate you guys tolerating my angst. You can also check out the archives at Podbean.

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Avoid Being Average

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There was a tweet from Marquee’s Tony Andracki (cool dude) that probably caused several aneurysms the other day, and Brad on Twitter attempted to put it into context: If we assume that Seiya Suzuki takes a step forward after an adjustment year and Cody Bellinger can at least find some kind of a groove, then it does look a bit …