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All Purpose All-Star Break Rundown

In News And Rumors by Rice Cube56 Comments

Since the last time I looked at the odds (extreme Han Solo voice), the Cubs have slipped a bit in the standings but remain in third place, now six games back of the Brewers and seven behind the Reds. While it’s possible the Reds or the Brewers can win the division, I don’t think Cincinnati is as good as their …

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Tales of Triumph and Regret

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I started thinking about this even before the Cubs laid a goose egg against the Cleveland Baseball Club the other night. I don’t actually recall the last time a club with a losing record, including the Cubs, had multiple All-Stars, but even though I’m not sharing tweets in case Elon Musk forgot to pay his server bill again, we heard …

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The Off Day After Opening Day React Post

In Commentary And Analysis by Rice Cube112 Comments

Because the Cubs play at Wrigley Field, which historically does not have a roof despite being in the Midwest where it can get a) cold and b) wet, this necessitates a scheduled off day right after the official Opening Day, in case they have to make up the home opener later. I guess if Friday had gotten weathered out, they …

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Whither Leadoff?

In Commentary And Analysis by Rice Cube19 Comments

Here we are at the end of January, trying to avoid work while awaiting the coming of Spring Training. We’ve talked at length about the tall mountain the Cubs must climb to not just be plucky underdogs but actually get into the postseason, and a lot of that is because of the barely above average offense they have constructed. There …

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Dreamcast 55: How the Cubs Saved Christmas

In by Rice Cube54 Comments

Hey everyone, happy holidays! The Cubs pulled off a last minute present just in time even if it wasn’t our first choice in signing Dansby Swanson. Among the various fun topics from AC’s various very good questions include: Please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts and share us with your friends. Thanks for listening, and hope you get plenty …

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Welcome to the Cubs, Dansby Swanson

In Better Know a Cub by Rice Cube76 Comments

Yeah this is pretty officially official now: And also out on the Wrigley Field marquee: While the Cubs couldn’t swoop in and sign Carlos Correa too because Steve Cohen is a rich crazy bastard, this roster has a chance to be more respectable than the last one we were led to believe would also be respectable (spoiler: it was not, …

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Allow Yourself a Modicum of Positivity

In Better Know a Cub by Rice Cube74 Comments

The Cubs officially announced the Jameson Taillon signing today: It seems Taillon had a Zoom session with the beat folks that was also open to fans, so there’s a snippet here: Taillon had a lot of nice things to say about his experience during the recruiting process, the excitement he felt with being able to work with the Cubs Pitch …

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Correa to the Giants

In Commentary And Analysis by andcounting15 Comments

We didn’t need a banging garbage can to see this coming. Carlos Correa and the San Francisco Giants have agreed to a 13-year, $350 million deal with a full no-trade clause giving the free-agent shortstop and admitted baseball cheater an $8 million/year pay-cut from last season with the small-market Minnesota Twins. Sucks getting old, doesn’t it? Plenty of teams, including …