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Dreamcast 56: The Best We Can Hope For

In by Rice Cube59 Comments

Thanks to Smokestack for pointing us to the best possible title for this one. RC, BVS, and Berselius hang out to talk about whatever this team is right now and how we hope for some good fortune in 2023 with spring training around the corner. Among our topics: We also told jokes about a corn cob dress but decided not …

Get Out Your ‘It’s Gonna Happen’ Signs and DeRosa Shirseys, It’s Cubs Convention Time!

In Commentary And Analysis by aisle42444 Comments

​It's that time again! Every winter, the Cubs gather their current players, management, and any ex-players for whom they have blackmail material and trot them out like showdogs for their fans in a massive effort to "build their brand" or "polish the turd."  Yes, the Cubs Convention is tomorrow and the Cubs have been very busy planning how best to shovel massive …

Cubs Con 2012

In Unobstructed Views by Obstructed View Staff11 Comments

I figured I would set this up as a thread to document my experiences at Cubs Convention 2012.  Had to deal with tons of loud obnoxious Cubs fans and huge crowds for a few moments of “oooh, look at that guy” but I did get to meet and talk to Pat Hughes and that was pretty cool.  Here’s the first …

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Cubs Mesh Corporate Sponsorship and a Veiled Reference to Pubic Hair Into Cubs Convention

In News And Rumors by aisle424128 Comments

The Cubs Convention is now a time-honored tradition almost as sacred in the world of Cubs fans as day baseball, the manual scoreboard, the ivy, the urinal troughs, and the years and years of constant losing. It is a time when Cubs fans can join together in the middle of winter to re-connect with Cubs baseball. It allows opportunities to …