IFA: Cubs Sign Four Players; Video and Potential Trade Partner Updates

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Cubs Summary

There seem to be some questions about his birthday.

  Cabera is 6’2″, 190 lbs (video).

Peguero is 5’10”, 155 lbs (video).

Rijo is 6’1″, 175 lbs.

It’s nice to see the team making moves. So far, though, there’s not much in the way of pitching depth, which was reported to be their strategy coming into this period.

Trade Wrap

No trades involving international slot money have been made thus far, which is somewhat surprising.

No team can trade for additional space after eclipsing their original bonus limits. In evaluating potential trade partners going forward, it’s important to separate teams that look like they will need additional space from teams that have already used their space. There is a good chance that teams withholding signing announcements are doing so because they are considering trading for additional space. The important caveat is that signings can’t be officially announced until a player turns 16. If you are following along, Ben Badler is particularly careful about not reporting agreements until the contract is actually signed, whereas the distinction is not always clear with Jesse Sanchez and Kiley McDaniel.

The Yankees and Red Sox are already over their limits, which shouldn’t surprise anyone, as there almost no incentive to trade for space when planning to exceed your limits. Which teams do look like they could be positioning themselves for a trade?

  • The Brewers have yet to make the Gilbert Lara signing official, even though he turned 16 last October. Lara alone would take them into the max penalty.
  • Originally, I didn’t think the Mariners would be in the market for pool space, but some think they are holding back on a million-dollar deal with Chris Torres, who was originally projected by most to sign with the Yankees. Neither he nor $1.8mm bonus-baby Brayan Hernandez have yet officially signed.
  • The Padres may have an agreement with Venezuelan outfielder Bryan Emery, but haven’t yet announced his deal, which would put them in the max penalty. Kiley McDaniel has pointed out that Emery could be a casualty of the Josh Byrnes firing, though, which would take the Pads out of consideration for additional space.
  • None of the other candidates that I mentioned on Monday seem like particularly good bets to acquire space.

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