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How to compete for the World Series in 2023

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Even though the postseason format will be virtually unchanged, the 2023 MLB regular season is going to look a whole lot different, and the scheduling changes could make the postseason even fairer and more exciting. But the changes in scheduling, coupled with the way the 2022 postseason played out, will inevitably change the way teams from the A’s to the …

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First Names Off the Board

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Here we are, the week after Thanksgiving and before the Winter Meetings, and very little has happened not just for the Cubs, but for all of MLB. I think we don’t have to officially freak out until after the Winter Meetings have concluded, or maybe not even until Spring Training since the rhymes-with-schmollusion is delaying free agent deals in recent …

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Sports and Sustainability

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I’ve been on a sustainability kick, what with driving my gasoline-powered car way less (we’ll probably sell it at some point) and switching over to my electric car. It’s been disappointing to realize that maybe only 10% of the stuff I throw in the blue bin actually gets recycled, and if only a few billionaires pooled their resources to set …

Oh You’re In For It Now

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So Berselius decided it was a good idea to give me writer privileges on this website. As some of you may know, my old blog buddy decided to shutter the old WSD site when we just couldn’t justify doing it anymore since neither of us could blog more than once every three months or whatever. Then ChicagoNow went offline so …

Cubs 6, Royals 1

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OSS: The Cubs offense takes its next steps to opening their own insurance agency. Three up: The Cubs offense continued its trend of piling on late in games, scoring four runs in the last two innings to turn this from a nailbiter to a comfortable margin of victory. I’m too lazy to go back and look for it, but I …

Cubs 2, Royals 0

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OSS: Good pitching and great defense pick up another W. Three+ up: Alec Mills had another solid start, pitching seven shutout innings with four strikeouts and three walks. I caught the first few innings on TV and thought it was shaping up to be an extremely fifth-starter-ish performance, but then I blinked and it was suddenly the seventh inning. Javy …

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So, what’s up with the Cubs?

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At least for the time being, baseball is on its way back to our eyeballs, if only electronically. The Cubs will be back on July 24 with a series against the Brewers. To recap a few season related details, for those who haven’t been paying attention or for whom time no longer has any meaning, here’s the logistics of the …

The Cubs’ Legacy of Bad Baseball Now Extends to Bad TV Business

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The Cubs just signed a deal to include the Marquee Sports Network on Hulu’s Hulu+Live option inside the Cubs’ broadcast market. That, along with the addition of AT&T NOW, marks basically the first sign of hope for Cubs fans who have cut the cord on cable. But most of those whose cords remain solidly intact use Xfinity and are still …

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Cubs 16, Pirates 6 / Cubs 47, Pirates 15

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OSS: Cubs offense obliterates the Pirates pitching staff, loses another key contributor. Three up: The Cubs finally found a lineup that works for them, and scored nearly fifty runs in a weekend sweep of the Pirates. Kris Bryant was the big hero in this one, homering twice in the Cubs rout. Tony Kemp, of all people, had the biggest hit …