Better than the 1927 Yankees?

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538's Rob Arthur is suggesting that the 2016 Cubs just might end up being better than what most people call the greatest team of all time — the 1927 Yankees. I think the Cubs are due for some regression, like they've seen since their 24-6 start, but any time the Cubs are compared to the '27 Yankees is worth highlighting. I don't think the Cubs will end up in that discussion (greatest of all time), but they are an excellent team and quite easily the best in baseball this season. 

But as historic a run as the 1927 Yankees had, we are now seeing what might be an even better Cubs team. Through 53 games — about a third of the season — only four teams accrued a higher run differential than this year’s Cubs squad: the 1902 Pittsburgh Pirates, 1912 New York Giants, 1929 Philadelphia Athletics and the 1939 Yankees. (Through 53 games, the ’27 Yankees’ +124 margin ranks 10th all time.) And if the Cubs continue their outstanding individual performances, they’ll crush the 1927 Yankees’ record for most WAR in a season — by about six full wins. Especially after accounting for the increase in parity over MLB’s history, this Cubs run stands out as startlingly impressive. — Rob Arthur (538)

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  1. cerulean

    And this is why their actual win-loss is worse than their Pythags.

    Also, on BBTN, Olney was talking about how the Cubs can really beat up on the disparity of talent in the NL—except that their record against sub-.500 teams is 20–10 whereas they have won almost 3 of 4 against .500 or better (17–6).

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  2. Author


    I would expect the record against .500 teams and better to come way, way down. I’d be happy if they won 67% of the games against sub .500 teams the rest of the way. If they want to contend for greatest ever, they’ll have to do a lot better, of course.

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