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New Cubs, who dis?

In Commentary And Analysis by berselius55 Comments

Between the probably-too-late fire sale last summer and the labor unrest prolonged ownership cash grab over the offseason, the Cubs franchise has spent the least amount of time in decades living rent-free in my head. But as soon as the new CBA was finally ratified, like clockwork I found myself checking to see when the Cubs travel to Denver and …

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Fire (sale) season

In Commentary And Analysis by berselius449 Comments

I almost wanted to leave that Padres recap up as a reminder that we ever thought this Cubs team might be good (dying laughing). With Anthony Rizzo being the first of the big ticket guys to be traded, I guess we should put up a new post. The worst part of the Cubs window finally slamming shut is that I’m …

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2021 Opening Day roster and roundup

In Commentary And Analysis by berselius83 Comments

Baseball is back tomorrow, and so is OV’s erratic coverage of the 2021 Cubs season. Baseball has certainly been far from my mind since the weirdness that was the 2020 season. However, listening to the occasional radio broadcast during the spring has re-stoked some of that fan energy that I had forgotten I had. For the rest of you who …

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Who Owns the Cubs?

In Commentary And Analysis by andcounting122 Comments

Have we gotten to the bottom of this question, yet? Six years into its history (somehow that bit of canon came from the first half of its virtual existence), the Orthodox Church Of Cubs Baseball conducted an interview with the Chairman/Executive Chairman/Not Really the CEO/Owner-kind-of of the Cubs, Tom Ricketts. Part I of this wide-ranging interview was devoted exclusively to …

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Cubs Winter Meetings Extravaganza

In Commentary And Analysis by myles227 Comments

The Winter Meetings have come and gone and the Cubs look totally different now. A brief recap of all of the transactions: Signings none Trades none Rule 5 Draft, Major League Phase no selection no players selected from Cubs Rule 5 Draft, AAA Phase 8. Blue Jays select David Garner, RHP (Cubs) 19. Indians select Yapson Gomez, LHP (Cubs) 20. …

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What would you say….you do here?

In Commentary And Analysis by berselius64 Comments

While the Cubs position players have had a fantastic first half, returns have been less than great on the pitching front. With ~60% of the season in the books, Jon Lester leads the pitching staff with 1.0 fWAR. I’ll go into individual player recaps below, but one thing I’ve been wondering for a while is why there has been so …