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OV Pic of the Day: Suck It, Holliday

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OK, so maybe the Cubs didn’t drill Matt Holliday in the ear for blatantly spiking Castro in yesterday’s game.  Maybe they do look like giant wusses on national TV after the talking heads on ESPN were pretty unanimous that Dempster should drill him in his first at-bat, and after Bobby Valentine pretty much laughed at Marlon Byrd for writing a …

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OV Pic of the Day: Is It Friday Friday Yet?

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It’s two Pics of the Day in a row for Blake Dewitt.  I’m sure he would be honored if he had any idea this part of the interwebz existed. Anyway, the Cubs lost and Prince Fielder inched closer to Mike Schmidt as all-time Cubs killer extraordinaire.  But Blakey has even more problems. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images) We-we-we such a …

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OV Pic of the Day: Thus Endeth the Winning Streak

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So that was fun.  The Cubs won three games in a row just when nobody thought they could.  But then they played an actual major league team.  They had a chance in the ninth inning, but Blake DeWitt struck out on what would have been ball four.  OV, using advanced technology that we have developed in our secret underground labs, …

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OV Pic of the Day: Are We Having Fun Yet?

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The Cubs lost to the Phillies 4-2 after blowing a 2-0 lead and another outstanding  pitching performance by Matt Garza.  After the game, Garza said he is still having fun: “It’s baseball,” Garza said. “If it was a given, it wouldn’t be that fun, would it?” (Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune / July 19, 2011) It certainly looks like you’re having …

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OV Pic of the Day: Halladay Beat by Cubs (or Heat?)

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As far as I can tell, the heat opened up a parallel universe where Roy Halladay is mediocre and Rodrigo Lopez is awesome.  Or something.  The heat definitely played a role as Halladay was forced from the game in the 5th inning after already allowing three runs on seven hits… or so the Phillies would have us believe. (AP Photo/Charles …