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Raicel Iglesias Stats, Video, and a Comparison with Armando Rivero

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Raicel Iglesias is a right-handedĀ Cuban pitcher who defected in October of last year. His first attempt failed, after which he hidĀ out until running out of food and water. Iglesias is sometimes known as Raisel (which I actually believe is correct), and commonly misspelled as Raciel. He pitched for Isla de la Juventud in Cuba’s National Series for three seasons, will …

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Mets, Red Sox, Others Interested in Cuban Defector Ernesto Molinet

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Ernesto Molinet is a 29 year-old first baseman who defected at some point after the 2013 Cuban National Series. Like Daniel Carbonell, Molinet's defection has mainly gone unnoticed in the press. Even Spanish-language accounts are difficult to find. Someone needs to direct his agent to Jesse Sanchez's twitter account. It's possible that Molinet "retired" early in Cuba and received permission to travel …