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Bear Grab Catfish: Cubs Sign Jen-Ho Tseng

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Earlier in the week I wondered why the Cubs hadn't signed Jen-Ho Tseng yet, and made the case that unlike Eloy Jimenez, the team had no reason to wait on Tseng. I speculated that the club was waiting to see whether more slot space could be acquired, and that Tseng might end up with the Twins if they could. Well, now that …

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Daily Facepalm 7.10.13

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Cubs 'closing in' on deal with Taiwanese RHP Jen-Ho Tseng's Jesse Sanchez says the Cubs are close to a deal with the Taiwanese pitcher, who is ranked 29th in's list and 23rd on BA's. For a while he projected to be the #1 prospect in this year's class, but he scuffled a bit this year. GW points out …

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2013 International Free Agency: Jen-Ho Tseng, Leandro Linares, and an Update on the Budget

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Jen-Ho Tseng Interest? Today Jesse Sanchez reported that the Cubs are the favorite to acquire Taiwanese right-hander Jen-Ho Tseng. The Twins have previously been reported as interested. Tseng was at one point was considered the best player in this class, according to BA, but his stuff seems to have regressed somewhat, and they ended up ranking him at #23 (TAM #12). My understanding is that …

Ben Badler on the Cubs’ IFA Pickle

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Baseball America’s international free agency guru Ben Badler was on the Baseball America Podcast today, where he discussed many of the issues we’ve been debating around these parts related to the Cubs’ sticky situation. It was a very informative interview, so I have transcribed extensively. To date, Badler has correctly predicted the signing team for 20 of the 22 signed free agents from his …

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2013 International Free Agency: Did the Cubs Expect to Exceed Their Pool Space All Along?

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Phil Rogers reported this morning that the Cubs may well continue spending in 2013 international free agency, ignoring imposed spending limits in continued pursuit of the best remaining players. I have my doubts, but let's assume for the moment it's true. Is this a stroke of genius by the front office in exploiting available loopholes, or something else? (Spoiler Alert: …

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*UPDATES* Eloy Jimenez Signs and the Rest of the Cubs’ Moves Through Two Days

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The Cubs have been very active for the last two days in the 2013 IFA market. They have clearly prioritized the acquisition of a number of top-level players and made moves to facilitate signing those players. I think it's likely that those moves are not done yet, despite the relative quiet on the rumor mill at this point. The Signings …