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Alexander Guerrero Stats

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  Cuban News The Dodgers are reportedly out of the running for Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez. This comes as a bit of a surprise given their current proclivities for spending.¬†The¬†pitching in LA is looking better these days, as Zack Greinke seems to have turned it around, and Ricky Nolasco has been added to shore up their rotation. What remains to be …

Profiles In Rebuilding- The Cleveland Indians

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After Theo and Co. were hired at the end of last season, Cubdom was collectively filled with a sense of manifest destiny. A majority of us, I think, breathed a sigh of relief and started channeling our inner Alvin. Finally, a front office on the vanguard, saying all the right things about performance evaluation, rebuilding the organization from the ground …

Fukudome —————-> Indians (UPDATED)

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Multiple reports claim that the Cubs are close to sending Kosuke Fukudome to the Cleveland Indians for two prospects (according to Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Paul Hoynes, it’s an upper level and lower level prospect, one a pitcher and another a position player. The Cubs well send cash to cover most if not all of Fukudome’s salary. Supposedly Fukudome has waived …