OV Podcast Episode 18: Week One Reactions

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In this episode, Jeff and Myles discuss:

  • Arrieta and Heyward’s first week
  • Velocity drops + pitch measurement
  • Other reactions to the first week
  • Berselius has short bench Stockholm Syndrome
  • We look up Cubs legends of yesteryear
  • A tradition unlike any other, berselius gripes about mlb.tv
  • Trade targets for the Cubs embarassment of riches
  • Shohei Otani confusion
  • This day in Cubs rebuild history
  • Is our watching experience different this year?

Enjoy. Or don't. I can't tell you what to do.




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  1. EnricoPallazzo

    Berselius is too lazy to login:
    Per Jesse Rogers, all five of Heyward’s balls in play were 95+ mph exit velocity. That feat was only accomplished by anyone just 17 times last season.

    sooooo…..you’re saying everything is fixed and his problems are all totally behind him and he’s going to be worth 8 WAR this season? cool.

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