Dreamcast 60: Growing Pains

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Well kids, the Cubs just got swept by the Astros, and the last one was a full blown bullpen meltdown just like in the old days. Berselius and Rice Cube got together for a quick record during the game on Tuesday and the stuff we talked about reared its ugly head on Wednesday, though it was nice to see Christopher Morel continue to punish baseballs, and Seiya Suzuki got hot again.

Topics tonight:

  • Aaron Judge’s wayward eyes
  • Why the Cubs are sucking when they shouldn’t be, but they are, and it sucks
  • Cameos from Berselius’ puppy
  • Allusions to the lack of situational hitting (yes)
  • Ponderings about the pitch calling and poor pitching performances lately (yes)
  • RC almost having a heart attack because Nick Madrigal hit one in the air

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