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BA Review of Cubs international signings

Ben Badler put up a recap of the Cubs international signings over at BA ($). Most of it is just a collection of scouting stuff we saw back at signing time, but still a good read since I don't remember any of it. Most of what seems new to me is where the signings are expected to open the year. Badler mentions that Cubs #12 prospect Eloy Jiminez is expected to start the year for the Cubs Dominican Summer League team, and Gleyber Torres will likely play in Venezuela this year. Jen-Ho Tseng will probably go to Boise or possibly Kane County. 

Spring training weekend wrapup

Youngster performances of note:

At least the Cubs prospects have kept things somewhat interesting this spring. 

Emilio Bonifacio hit his second triple of the spring, and I think he's a pretty good bet to make the roster at this point. It would probably be at the expense of Donnie Murphy, so yay.

Lineup today

  • SS Bonifacio
  • CF Kalish
  • RF Schierholtz
  • 1B Olt
  • 3B Murphy
  • LF Coghlan
  • 2B Roberst
  • C Whiteside
  • P Shark

Game at 3:05 PM CT, Len and Mick have the call on MLB.com. According to the Cubs website, it's a free broadcast today.

Cardinals sign Matt Carpenter for 6/52

The Cardinals locked up Carpenter, who was number 6 in fWAR in 2013. BP compares Carpenter's extension with other guys who got extended around the same time and basically come to the conclusion that it's fine. I probably would have waited a bit if I were the Cardinals. Carpenter is 28 and this was his first full-time season, and they could have paid him peanuts for another year and have better leverage in the negotiation when he inevitably regresses. Also noted in that article were numbers of guys who had a similar 6+ WAR breakout year early in their career – they averaged 3 WAR in the next year. But these are the Cardinals so of course he'll win the MVP next year. 

Ervin Santana will settle for a one year deal

As spring drags on, Ervin Santana is looking to sign. The O's, Twins, and Jays are all reportedly in on Santana, and I'd love it if the Cubs signed him and flipped him for something at the deadline. They won't be outbid, unless the price gets too high (hat tip: GW).

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