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Minor League Camp is open

4 squads were on the field yesterday, Iowa down to Kane County. Full rosters courtesy of the inimitable Arizona Phil.

A few words:

Due to numbers, some people are a fair bit higher than they will be when the season opens. This is because some of the fringe talent is still in major league camp, and as cuts happen the rosters will fill out downwards. For example, Lendy Castillo at AAA.

I'll be interested to see Barret Loux this season. He has a miserable 2013 in AAA, but his 2012 was very serviceable. He needs to stay away from the walks. 

Yoanner Negrin was sent to minor league chance, so anyone who took him at 50-to-1 two days ago can safely rip up your ticket. 

I imagine Stephen Bruno will be sent down all the way to Daytona to start the season, but he might get the Tennessee challenge. I hope so. 

It'll be interesting to see whether or not Geiger or Anderson gets the bulk of the starts at 1B, if Geiger ends up there to start the season.

Look on ye AA rotation, ye mighty, and despair! C.J. Edwards, Pierce Johnson, Corey Black, Ivan Pineyro, Ben Wells. Good morning, good afternoon, good night, good morning again, and good afternoon a second time. That's a spicy fucking rotation right there.

I'd love it if Vogelbach stayed at AA to start the year, but I don't know if it'll happen. A Bryant/Hernandez/Amaya/Vogelbach infield is pretty great.

There's a bunch of low-level guys to get real excited about, too.

The Race for #5

Chris Rusin: He got rocked for another 3 runs in 2.2 innings. He's looked awful so far, so his chances have to be going down. I've got him at 10-1 (10%).

James McDonald: He hasn't pitched in the past 2 days so it's hard to really change his chances. He is still the front-runner. 5-2 (40%).

Carlos Villanueva: Same boat as McDonald. Hasn't pitched the last two days. 5-1 (20%) 

Kyle Hendricks: Wasn't sent to Iowa right away, but didn't feel like he would be. Chances are the same for me. 10-1 (10%)

Eric Jokisch: I could have envisioned him being sent to Iowa. The fact that he hasn't means he might be considered more heavily than I once thought. He also had the best start out of any of the competitors so far. 8-1 (13%)

Jonathan Sanchez: I'm not sure why I ever really thought he had a chance to make the rotation. He's joining the field for now.

The field: There's little chance any of these guys make it out. I had everything adding up to 110% last time because I'm an idiot. This time, they'll add up to 100%, so the remaining 7% goes here. Plaudit goes go to Hatley, who threw a scoreless frame yesterday.

Split Squad games today

Two matchups. Against Indians:

Barney DH
Roberts 2B
Rizzo 1B
Ruggiano RF
Sweeney CF
Baez SS
Kottaras C
Bryant 3B
Cunningham LF
Jackson P

Have to make sure you get Barney's bat in the lineup.

Against Angels:

Coghlan LF
Valbuena 2B
Lake CF
Olt DH
Valaika SS
Wells RF
Vitters 1B
Baker C
Villanueva 3B
McDonald P

I'd watch the Indians game first, but the Angels came does feature Mike Trout and Albert Pujols.

Cardinals nearing extension with Matt Carpenter

Of course they are.



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  1. GW

    Should be pretty good. He was fantastic last year, of course, and he seems to have a knack for hitting line drives. On the other hand, it’s a late breakout; he’s 28. He also hasn’t shown much homerun power yet. I don’t think anyone would be too shocked if he ended up average or worse a couple of years from now.

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