JOT: Cubs Minor League Recap 8-27-13

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This is the 50th anniversary of perhaps the greatest speech of all time. Please, do yourself a favor and listen to this.

Now to the baseball, baseball batman!


Omaha Storm Chasers 6 @ Iowa Cubs 7

Mike Olt went 1-3 with 2 walks and 2 errors. Woof!

Justin Grimm went 5 innings and allowed 2 runs (1 earned). He only struck out 2, the same number he walked. Chang-Yong Lim, back from his mild injury, pitched a scoreless 6th with 2 Ks. Basically, everyone was good except Zach Rosscup, who allowed 4 runs on back to back errors.

Mobile BayBears 2 @ Tennessee Smokies 4

When Javier Baez (0-4, error) doesn't do it, Arismendy Alcantara (1-4, HR) does. He did have his 33rd error as well. 

Eric Jokisch has been involved in 23 decisions. That's a ton of decisions. He's 11-12 now after 6 scoreless innings, and he's a great pick to be added to the 40-man next year. I don't see him as anything more than a 5th starter/swingman, but he's earned a chance at that. A.J. Morris, Hunter Cervenka, Tony Zych, and Frank Batista were each good, in their own way (except Tony Zych, actually; he allowed 2 runs in one out). 

Dunedin Blue Jays 4 @ Daytona Cubs 6

This is probably my favorite team in the organization now. I love seeing Vogelbach and Bryant back-to-back in the lineup. Vogelbach went 1-2 with 2 walks, and Kris Bryant went 0-3 with a walk. 

Dan Vogelbach: .275/.431/.450 in Daytona
Kris Bryant: .341/.383/.636 in Daytona

Pin-Chieh Chen went 3-4 with 2 RBI. Chadd Krist had a HR as did Dustin Geiger.


Daytona Cubs 1 @ Dunedin Blue Jays 0 

For some reason this short (7 inning) was listed on yesterday's list of games, even though the linked page says it happened on the 21st. So, yay? Maybe?

Looks Geovany's brother Eliot Soto scored the one and only run off a single by someone named Dustin Geiger, who would, going by the pattern established at the beginning of the sentence of making up fake relationships, be the nephew of the famous Swiss abstract artist H.R. Giger (even though they spell and pronounce their names differently).

Kane County Cougars 7 @ Wisconsin Trade Routes 8

Apparently its the Timber Rattlers. And as their uniforms strongly resembling the Diamondbacks indicate, they are an affiliate for the… Brewers. Funny story: when I lived in Mount Prospect I used to drive straight south to a gas station that happened to be in Kane County in order to save $2 on cigarettes. Not so much funny as boring, I guess.

Anyway Rock Shoulders (real name unknown) went 1 for 5 and took the prize with 3 Ks. The only one on the team withou a K was Candelario, who was DHing. If you're in advanced A and you're alread DHing, can you pretty much just write off your chances? The only one with a walk was Zapenas, whose name sounds like the German accent form of The Penis, at least in my mind.

AZL Mariners 3 @ AZL Cubs 8 

Some "real" Cubs on this team had hits and scored runs.

Dunedin Blue Jays @ Daytona Cubs CANCELED

A third listing for a matchup between these teams, this one listed as canceled. Were they just like "let's see how many games we can play today?" 

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  1. josh

    Looks like the starters for the 2nd Daytona game each went 1 inning only, lending credence to the rain delay theory. Maybe they cut it off at 7, because they ran out of beer?

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  2. josh

    @ dmick89:
    Ok, I wasn’t sure because they went the full 9 in the other game, but now I realize that’s because it was a tie going into 7.

    Anyway, yeah, found a story on it and yeah, it was a rainout makeup. They have another doubleheader today. So that’s fun.

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  3. fang2415

    Oh hello Obstructed View,

    So it’s now the time of the year when MLB forces me to want the Cubs to lose in order to get a draft position that will make them better in the future. I like the Cubs, I like watching skillfully-played baseball, and I hate rooting against players on a team I like, so I’m trying to figure out what outcomes to cheer for while watching games in order to satisfy these preferences while still allowing the team to rack up losses.

    Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

    * Cubs hitting hard line drives straight to fielders
    * Cubs hitting solo home runs
    * Cubs hitting warning-track fly balls
    * Maximum number of Cubs runners left on base
    * Cubs pitchers hitting their spots with good pitches and them getting hammered anyway
    * Short home runs by opposing batters
    * No warning-track fly balls by opposing batters. Every one is a missed opportunity for a better draft pick
    * Bad calls by umps favoring opponents

    Can anybody think of any others?

    /Should have been a fanshot’d

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  4. fang2415

    @ josh:
    Thing is, I don’t want to root for Cubs doing stupid stuff, which I think TOOTBLANs would include. (Although I do kind of have a soft spot for TOOTBLANs even when I’m hoping they win.) Also not sure there’ll be enough rain-outs to make it worth remembering that one, (dying laughing).

    Good call on the ninth-inning rally though. I guess that raises a larger point, which is to root for one-run losses in every game.

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  5. fang2415

    josh wrote:

    @ fang2415:
    The second one is rare, but not as rare as a Cubs World Series win.

    We can dream. About rained-out comebacks, (dying laughing)

    josh wrote:

    How about amazing defensive gems in a lopsided Cubs loss.

    I think the one-run losses thing covers this too. If the Cubes are down 10-0, I can go back to ordinary my ordinary wanting-good-outcomes fan habits until they’re one down in the bottom of the ninth, then sit back and let the Cubs do what they do best.

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