Jim Deshaies is Trying Not to Scare Anyone

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Carson Cistulli has posted a short interview with new Cubs color commentator Jim Deshaies over at Fangraphs. In it, he talks about his transition to Chicago after 16 years in Houston and having to adapt to an audience that is unfamiliar with his style. He also talks about his philosophy in presenting analytics to a wide array of fans.

…I think the way the game has changed because front offices are using it- and it's very important, it's how they acquire players, who they sign, who they promote- it's our responsibility as broadcasters to kind of play along. I mean, you don't want to bury your head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist…

I really enjoy Deshaies, and the interview is worth a listen. The only portion of the interview I take issue with is when he says that he's very similar in style to Bob Brenly.

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