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Cinco City

Brett Jackson looking pleased with Brett Jackson

Brett Jackson is the number 5 OF prospect in all of baseball, according to MLB.com's rankings. MLB.com also ranked two guys in the Cubs system, newly acquired Anthony Rizzo and Dan Vogelbach, as the number 1 and number 10 1B prospects. In related news: MLB is ranking prospects. Of what value is this to anyone beyond good PR?

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I haven't caught up on the transaction wire. Has this move been finalized yet?


Yu Darvish took his sweet, lusty eyelashes to Arlington. He also said that he wants people to eventually grow to think of him as the greatest pitcher in the world. He really should have come to the Cubs if he wanted fans to expect that. Fangraphs has fantasy advice for all things nocturnally Yu.

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Photo Rumors

Prince Fielder as a Cub

Prince looks slimmer and a bit rough around the pixels in pinstripes. But this too obviously happened.

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Again, h/t to MO:

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