Daytona Cubs named Baseball America’s 2013 Minor League Team of the Year

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In what seems to me to be a fairly unsurprising choice, Baseball America named the Daytona Cubs as 2013's Minor League Team of the Year. The article is free here, and absolutely worth a read.

The important part:

The season included special moments such as shortstop Javier Baez’s four home run effort on June 10 against Fort Myers. Matt Loosen spun Daytona’s first nine-inning no-hitter in 19 seasons, and Ben Wells, Kyler Burke and Zach Cates combined on a seven-inning no-no on Aug. 27, completing a suspended game that started six days earlier in Dunedin—meaning they completed a no-hitter at the Jack as the visiting team. “I’ve been in professional baseball for 31 years, and there was stuff I hadn’t seen in either forever or a long time,” Keller said.

 And that's to say nothing of Kris Bryant's late season appearance and subsequent domination, or the way CJ Edwards toyed with FSL hitters upon his arrival. This should serve as a nice preview for the 2014 Tennesee squad, which thankfully will have every game available for viewing on MiLB.TV (seriously, if you haven't gotten it before, you're going to want that next season).

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  1. dmick89

    @ sitrick:
    Realistically, probably 100 and that’s with fewer games. I’m as down on the Cubs as anyone, but it’s still an MLB team. In the FSL, I’d be surprised if they didn’t win 120. They were hands down the best minor league team last year. (dying laughing)

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