Cubs Playoff Windows in 2014

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If you follow any Cubs blogger on twitter, you’re almost certain to have come across the following stat in the past 7 weeks:

“Ever since <date>, the Cubs have been <record that is close to .500>!”

That’s cool, but I want to take it one step further. I want to find the dates that satisfy this criteria:

If the season started on this date and ran through today, the Cubs would have qualified for the postseason.

Turns out, there are some days!

July 20 РAugust 3

After July 19, the Central shakes out thusly:

Chicago 22-20
St. Louis 20-19
Pittsburgh 20-20
Milwaukee 19-19
Cincinnati 15-25

So while it’s conceivable that the Cards and/or Brewers could run out the table, I ended the season today and those games never get played.

On August 2:

St. Louis 16-12
Chicago 16-13
Milwaukee 12-14
Pittsburgh 12-15
Cincinnati 11-16

The Cubs are the 2nd WC (1st WC: San Francisco at 15-12).

Technically, September 1 is a complicated playoff scenario, so we might not qualify.


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