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I'll just say right now that there is nothing to win, but bragging rights. So if you're someone wanting to win something, well, we can give you a Kyuji Fujikawa bobblehead and that's it. Seriously, if you really want the bobblehead, we'll send it along. So if that's incentive, great. Otherwise, there is none.

It's a free agent contest, but we're picking players we think the Cubs will sign. You get units or pieces. It's like currency. You get 50 of them. Call them whatever you want. This is GW's idea and he called them units, so that's what I'll call them. You can place a maximum amount of 25 units on any player. So if there are two players you're certain the Cubs will sign, you'd put 25 on each player and hope you're right.

Or you can spread them around, placing more units on players you're more confident they'll sign, but you only get 50 total units.

You get only 10 picks.

To summarize the rules, you get 50 units, can spend a maximum of 25 on any player, are awarded 3 times your units spent for correct predictions and can pick only 10 players. If you win, you can have that lovely Kyuji Fujikawa bobblehead if your heart desires. You have until the day after the World Series. You cannot pick any player currently under contract with the Cubs.

I've added in the international free agents that could sign (Jose Abreu, Aledmys Diaz and Masahiro Tanaka). They're below with the list copied from Cots Contracts. This list isn't entirely accurate, but that's for you to check out. We wanted to include as many players as possible and it's easier just to paste this list here.

We'll leave this post at the top of the front page and link to it on occasion.

(* – player whose current contract includes 2014 option.)

First Basemen
Jose Abreu^
Lance Berkman *

Jason Giambi
Travis Hafner
Todd Helton
Eric Hinske
Paul Konerko
Casey Kotchman
Adam Lind *
James Loney
Kendrys Morales
Justin Morneau
Mike Morse
Mike Napoli
Lyle Overbay
Carlos Pena
Mark Reynolds
Juan Rivera
Kevin Youkilis

Second Basemen
Robinson Cano
Alexi Casilla
Aledmys Diaz^
Mark Ellis *

Mike Fontenot
Omar Infante
Kelly Johnson
Nick Punto
Ryan Raburn
Brian Roberts
Ramon Santiago
Skip Schumaker
Chase Utley
Ben Zobrist *

Alfredo Amezaga
Clint Barmes
Willie Bloomquist
Jamey Carroll *
Alexi Casilla *
Stephen Drew
Yunel Escobar *
Alex Guerrero ^
Rafael Furcal
Alex Gonzalez
Cesar Izturis
Derek Jeter *
John McDonald
Jhonny Peralta
Brendan Ryan

Third Basemen
Wilson Betemit *
Eric Chavez
Mark DeRosa
Mike Fontenot
Jerry Hairston Jr.
Brandon Inge
Placido Polanco
Mark Reynolds
Juan Uribe
Kevin Youkilis
Michael Young

Rod Barajas
Henry Blanco
John Buck
Jesus Flores
Ramon Hernandez
Gerald Laird
Brian McCann
Jose Molina
Dioner Navarro
Wil Nieves
Miguel Olivo
Ronny Paulino
Brayan Pena
A.J. Pierzynski
Humberto Quintero
Carlos Ruiz
Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Kelly Shoppach
Chris Snyder
Geovany Soto
Kurt Suzuki *
Yorvit Torrealba

Alfredo Amezaga
Rick Ankiel
Norichika Aoki *
Jeff Baker
Jason Bay
Carlos Beltran
Shin-Soo Choo
Coco Crisp *
Nelson Cruz
Rajai Davis
David DeJesus
Mark DeRosa
Matt Diaz
Jacoby Ellsbury
Jeff Francoeur
Curtis Granderson
Franklin Gutierrez
Tony Gwynn Jr.
Corey Hart
Raul Ibanez
Reed Johnson *
Austin Kearns
Jason Kubel *
Nate McLouth
Nyjer Morgan
Mike Morse
David Murphy
Xavier Nady
Laynce Nix
Hunter Pence
Juan Rivera
Luke Scott
Ryan Sweeney
Andres Torres
Chris Young *
Delmon Young

Starting Pitchers
Bronson Arroyo
Scott Baker
Erik Bedard
Nick Blackburn *
A.J. Burnett
Chris Capuano *
Chris Carpenter
Bruce Chen
Bartolo Colon
Aaron Cook
Jorge De La Rosa
Scott Feldman
Gavin Floyd
Jeff Francis
Armando Galarraga
Jon Garland
Matt Garza
Roy Halladay *
Jason Hammel
Aaron Harang *
Rich Harden
Dan Haren
Roberto Hernandez
Tim Hudson
Phil Hughes
Ubaldo Jimenez *
Josh Johnson
Jeff Karstens
Hiroki Kuroda
John Lannan
Jon Lester *
Colby Lewis
Ted Lilly
Tim Lincecum
Derek Lowe
Paul Maholm
Shaun Marcum
Jason Marquis
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Brett Myers *
Ricky Nolasco
Mike Pelfrey
Andy Pettitte
Wandy Rodriguez *
Jonathan Sanchez
Ervin Santana
Johan Santana *
Joe Saunders *
James Shields *
Tim Stauffer
Masahiro Tanaka^
Jason Vargas

Ryan Vogelsong *
Edinson Volquez
Tsuyoshi Wada *
Chien-Ming Wang
Chris Young
Barry Zito

Relief Pitchers
David Aardsma
Jeremy Accardo
Manny Acosta
Matt Albers
Scott Atchison
Luis Ayala
Grant Balfour
Matt Belisle *
Joaquin Benoit
Rafael Betancourt *
Bill Bray
Craig Breslow
Tim Byrdak
Shawn Camp
Matt Capps
Joba Chamberlain
Jose Contreras
Manny Corpas
Jesse Crain
Joey Devine
Octavio Dotel
Scott Downs
Chad Durbin *
Kyle Farnsworth
Pedro Feliciano
Frank Francisco
Jason Frasor
Chad Gaudin
Mike Gonzalez
Kevin Gregg
Matt Guerrier
Joel Hanrahan
LaTroy Hawkins
Clay Hensley
Rich Hill
J.P. Howell
Casey Janssen *
Jesse Litsch
Matt Lindstrom *
Kameron Loe
Boone Logan
Javier Lopez
Mark Lowe
Brandon Lyon
Ryan Madson
Carlos Marmol
Nick Masset
Kyle McClellan
Peter Moylan
Edward Mujica
Joe Nathan *
Pat Neshek
Eric O’Flaherty
Will Ohman
Hideki Okajima
Darren Oliver
Juan Carlos Oviedo
Vicente Padilla
Manny Parra
Oliver Perez
Rafael Perez
Chad Qualls
Jon Rauch
Mariano Rivera
Fernando Rodney
J.C. Romero
George Sherrill
Joe Smith
Matt Thornton *
Koji Uehara
Jose Veras *
Jamey Wright

There you go.

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  1. GBTS

    Gimme 5 each on

    Chad Gaudin
    Rich Harden
    Ted Lilly
    Carlos Marmol
    Jason Marquis
    Henry Blanco
    Geovany Soto
    Mark DeRosa
    Mike Fontenot
    Reed Johnson


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  2. josh

    Kevin Youkilis (to play 3rd) – 5
    Robby Cano – 2
    Saltalamacchia – 10
    Choo – 10
    Corey Hart – 2
    Ubaldo Jimenez – 3
    Juan Oviedo – 10
    Tim Byrdak – 3
    Matt Capps – 2
    Granderson – 3

    I should note that I know nothing about the pitcher crop, but Juan Carlos looks like a potential bounceback candidate. My Cano pick is just silly since they’ve shown no inclination of doing anything but buying low. Granderson looks like a slight bounceback candidate to me.

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  3. Berselius

    50 – Ryan Sweeney (wait, I guess he’s disqualified)


    25 Ellsbury
    10 Choo
    5 Diaz
    4 Kuroda
    2 Furcal
    2 Hudson
    2 Harang

    (edited because I didn’t realize Baker was inelgible)

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  4. sitrick

    GBTS wrote:

    Gimme 5 each on
    Chad Gaudin
    Rich Harden
    Ted Lilly
    Carlos Marmol
    Jason Marquis
    Henry Blanco
    Geovany Soto
    Mark DeRosa
    Mike Fontenot
    Reed Johnson


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  5. sitrick

    Hiroki Kuroda – 5
    Scott Baker – 15
    Tim Lincecum – 5
    David DeJesus – 20
    Dioner Navarro – 4
    Jeff Francoeur – 1

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  6. Recalcitrant Blogger Nate

    Scott Baker: 13, get it, bakers dozen
    Masahiro Tanaka: 7

    Nelson Cruz
    Roberto Hernandez
    John Buck
    Ryan Madson
    Phil Hughes
    Bartolo Colon, all 3 each

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  7. uncle dave

    @ dmick89:

    You guys sound like congressmen.

    Looks like we’re trundling down the path towards a Cards-Red Sox matchup in the series, or as I’d call it, “seven chances for Al-Qaeda to shine.”

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  8. Author

    15 – Shin-Soo Choo
    10 – Hiroki Kuroka
    9 – Jacoby Ellsbury
    5 – Masahiro Tanaka
    5 – Jarrod Saltalamacchia
    5 – Ricky Nolasco
    .5 – Brian McCann
    .25 – Carlos Beltran
    .20 – Koji Uehara
    .05 – Robinson Cano

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  9. J

    25 – Ellsbury
    10 – Balfour
    10 – Lincecum
    5 – Jeff Baker

    I kept looking for a RH OF bat, but there’s just such crap out there. It makes Jeff Baker seem desirable.

    I’d put 25 on Granderson to the White Sox.

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  10. SVB

    Placido Polanco 3
    Ryan Raburn 3
    Brayan Pena 4
    David Murphy 8
    Shin Soo Choo 10
    Bronson Arroyo 6
    Josh Johnson 8
    Colby Lewis 5
    Andres Torres 3

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  11. GW

    8 Aledmis Diaz
    8 Josh Johnson
    7 Scott Kazmir (not on the above list)
    6 Masahiro Tanaka
    5 Phil Hughes
    5 Joe Smith
    5 Jarrod Saltalamacchia
    3 Joba Chamberlain
    2 Jacoby Ellsbury
    1 Eric Chavez

    Dishonorable Mentions:
    Javier Lopez, Ubaldo Jimenez, Brian McCann, Joel Hanrahan, Hideki Okajima, Grady Sizemore

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  12. Andrew

    20 – Masahiro Tanaka
    10 – Choo
    5 – Ellsbury
    5 – Aledmis Diaz
    10-Suk Min Yoon (from Korea)

    I really like the chances for Tanaka more and more and this just seems to fit with how much the cubs have been agressive for International guys

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  13. Pezcore

    Kelly Johnson 15
    Joba Chamberlain 10
    Chris B. Young 10
    Rich Hill 5
    Phil Hughes 5
    Alexi Casilla 3
    Nate McLouth 2

    Ranked by Odds they are on the Cubs’ Opening Day Roster:
    1 Joba Chamberlain
    2 Chris B Young
    3 Kelly Johnson
    4 Phil Hughes
    5 Rich Hill
    6 Nate McLouth
    7 Alexi Casilla

    Honorable Mention: Tony Gwynn, Jr., Oliver Perez, Jason Kubel, Curtis Granderson, Scott Kazmir

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  14. J.L.

    Masahiro Tanaka: 15
    Jacoby Ellsbury: 6
    Jarrod Saltalamacchia: 6
    Phil Hughes: 5
    Corey Hart: 5
    Scott Kazmir: 4
    David Murphy: 3
    Josh Johnson: 3
    A. J. Burnett: 1
    Colby Lewis: 1

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