Cubs 13, Braves 2

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OSS: Jon Lester was too dominating and the Cubs singled the Braves to death. 

Three up:

  1. Jon Lester threw 7 dominating innings in this win. He allowed 5 hits, walked nobody and struckout 7. Lester has allowed 1 run or less in 9 of his 13 starts this year. In another, he allowed 2, but one of the runs was unearned.  
  2. David Ross had the game winning hit in the 4th inning and Ross was also the leader in WPA among the position player with .195. Ross was 2-4 with 2 RBI and a walk. He struckout once.
  3. This could just as easily have gone to Anthony Rizzo, but it instead goes to Jason Heyward who was 3-4 with 2 walks in is final game at Turner Field. It had to feel good for the local boy to have a day like he did and Heyward has slowly, but surely begun to hit the baseball a lot better than he did at the start of the season. 

Three down

  1. The Cubs made 4 errors in this game and 8 in the series. They had gone 8 games in a row prior to the series without an error. Errors are stupid, but the Cubs defense was terrible in this series. 
  2. Ben Zobrist had the second worst WPA among the position player on the day (-.034) despite being 2-5 and driving in 2 runs. He also walked, but he made an error early in the game that led to the only run Lester allowed. 
  3. I thought Chris Coghlan played alright this series for the most part, but he was the worst player by WPA (-.047). He wsa 1-3 with a walk and RBI so it wasn't all bad. 

Next up: Kyle Hendricks vs. Max Scherzer. The two square off to begin a 3-game series between two of the best teams in baseball. Monday's game is at 6:05 pm.

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