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Are you interested in advertising on Obstructed View? Ads on our site make thousands of genuine impressions every day to a loyal and active group of visitors. Unlike most blogs, we make a concerted effort to keep page reloads to a minimum. No inflated page view numbers for impressions that never really sink in.

Our advertisers reach a growing, engaged audience with ads that make a prolonged impact on a highly interactive community.

Obstructed View Readers

  • 90% male
  • 60% aged 25-39
  • 68% live in the Midwest
  • 42% have 4-year degree
  • 39% have Masters, Doctorate or Professional Degree
  • If they were stuck on an island with one Obstructed View founder, 39% chose Aisle 424

If you are interested in advertising with us, please contact us at advertising [at]

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