WAR conversion

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Bryan Crosnick calculated the exact way in which we'd put each version of WAR (fWAR, rWAR and WARP) on the same scale. These all use different replacement levels so thanks to his work we can now compare these players using the same replacement level. 2012 fWAR to rWAR Conversion: -0.00094 fWAR/PA 2012 WARP to rWAR Conversion: 0.00046 WARP/PA

WAR And Salsa

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A lot of discussion started yesterday about WAR thanks a very thoughtful article on It’s About The Money, Stupid. Discussion followed in two article on The Book Blog (here and here) and then on Replacement Level Baseball Blog. I’ve mostly been ignoring the defense part of WAR for some time now. Ever since Colin Wyers showed how useless those metrics …