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What's wrong with Carlos Marmol?

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Between 2007 and 2011, Carlos Marmol threw 382.1 innings and allowed a ridiculously low 218 hits. He allowed only 21 home runs and struckout 540 batters. That's the good Marmol. During those same years Marmol threw 23 wild pitches, hit 39 batters and walked 241 of them. Despite a high walk rate, he still managed to have a higher than …

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10 Best Games By A Cubs Player So Far

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We're only 31 games into the season, but I was curious for some unkown reason who had the best game of any player on the team. Win Probability Added (WPA) is the perfect stat for this. Below are the top 10 WPA's of the season for the Cubs. 10. Matt Garza, April 29th @ Phillies: The Cubs won 5-1 behind …

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Daily Facepalm – 4.6.12

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Cubs game recap The Cubs lost 2-1 to the Nationals yesterday. Ryan Dempster had an incredible start, striking out ten batters in 7.2 innings. Unfortunately, after he was relieved in the 8th inning Kerry Wood walked three straight batters to tie the game. Carlos Marmol gave up a double in the 9th to Cubs Legend Chad Tracy followed by a …

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Daily Facepalm 4.3.12

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Was there a Cubs game yesterday? The Cubs hit roughly 37 sac flies to beat the DBacks yesterday, and drag their spring trianing winning percentage to .500. Clearly I should place a big bet on the Cubs winning 81 games this year.  Kerry Wood pitched a scoreless inning, and Jay Jackson had a meh start. Jeff Samardzija threw four scoreless …

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Projecting the 2012 Cubs – Carlos Marmol

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Marmol followed up his stellar 3 WAR 2010 season a much more heart-attacky 2011 season. Marmol's ten blown saves led all of baseball last year (tied with LAAoLAoDoQEoA's Jordan Walden). Marmol walks (and hits) a ton of batters, and continued that trend in 2011. However, his K/9 dropped to a "mere" 12 batters per nine, down from the record-breaking 15.99 …

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Daily Facepalm 3.27.12

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Practice Game Recap Paul Maholm had a good outing, striking out six over five innings and allowing no runs. Carlos Marmol also pitched a scoreless inning in his first outing since having an MRI on his neck for a hand problem. Castro drew his first walk of the spring. Is there a Cubs game today? The Cubs travel to the …

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Daily Facepalm 3.22.12

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Practice Game Recap Not applicable. But Paul Maholm didn't get rocked by the Giants' A ball team.  So there's that. It's Gordo's World and We're Just Living In It Today Gordo speculates that whoever loses out in the Great Cubs Rotation Chase of 2012 will somehow be a valuable trade commodity. To be clear, he thinks that a pitcher that …

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OV’s Projected Playing Time for the 2012 Cubs

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On Saturday I published this year's playing time survey and more than 50 of you took the time to fill it out. Thanks for taking the time. I'm going to go ahead and publish the results here. I didn't make any adjustments to the batters because you guys pretty much nailed it as far as position and team totals go. …