73 win Cubs

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CAIRO's latest projections have the Cubs winning 73 games. I'll quote SG's title here: CAIRO 2013 v0.4 and Still Slightly Early and Somewhat Useless 2013 Projected MLB Standings So don't put a whole lot of weight into them yet. Same with any other projections at this point.  

Cubs Playoff Odds

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The 2013 Cubs playoff odds are now available on Baseball Prospectus. These odds are based on preliminary depth charts, with teams still having many roster moves to make before the season starts. Thus, they aren’t etched in stone, they’re etched in sand. And these are PECOTA’s estimates of what would happen if the season were played thousands of times. PECOTA …

2013 PECOTA Projections

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The 2013 PECOTA projections are out and I thought I'd post some of the Cubs below. Since you have to be a subscriber in order to download the spreadsheet, I'm only going to include PA and wOBA, which I calculated using the basic formula. For pitchers I'll only show IP and FIP (I calculated this too). 2013 PECOTA Projections for …

2013 Cubs Projections: CAIRO

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SG has finished his first batch of his CAIRO projections. He includes just about everyone so I've reduced it to the players I think we might see this coming season. I'll update this post as updates are made. He usually releases several versions so consider this the early version. Name PA 2B 3B HR BB SO avg obp slg wOBA …

Projecting the 2013 Cubs: Bill James

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I enjoy looking at the projections for the upcoming season when they're released. Sometimes I enjoy it more than others. If the Cubs are going to be good I'm excited. When they aren't, not so much. This is one of those years. Despite that, Berselius and I have posted projections for the Cubs going back to 2007 so we'll do …

Slogan Contest Update: Ten Tips to Help You Win

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#reminder { background: #BECDC6; padding: 6px; font-size: 12px; margin: 0px 12px 8px 12px; } Contest reminder: Don't forget to enter our contest to win The Essential Games of the Chicago Cubs DVD set. It runs through Sunday, August 19. Okay, we've already received a truckload of entries for our 2013 Cubs slogan contest. First of all, thanks to everyone who …