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We just wanted to let you know that we are changing hosts as Dreamhost has been one fail after another since we joined. We'll be making the move this weekend so I wanted to let you know that you'll probably encounter some weirdness. It takes 1 to 48 hours for new domain nameservers to propagate. What this means is that some of you may quickly be at the site on the new host while others it may take much longer. Some of you may even be at the new host and then redirected back to the old one for a short time. This is all normal. If by Monday night you are still getting the old host go ahead and contact me. There's little that can be done on my end or yours to speed things up. Some ISP's respond to nameserver changes better than others.

Sometime Saturday morning we'll begin the migration to the new server unless we say otherwise.

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  1. Suburban kid

    Thanks for the 48 hours heads up Aisley. I can now schedule my weekend accordingly. Some blogs would only give you 12 hours notice or some shit.

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  2. mb21

    I do agree with Tango said in the comments of that thread. A 0 hit, 3 walk performance by a pitcher is less impressive than a 1 hit, 0 walk performance. If we’re talking about how unimpressive a cycle is, I’d rather have 2 home runs and 2 singles. It’s still 10 total bases, but at least 2 of those hits resulted in runs.

    The best pitched game I’ve ever seen (and it’s not really close) is Kerry Wood’s 20-strikeout game. It’s better than all the no-hitters I’ve seen and better than all the perfect games.

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  3. mb21

    @ Brett:
    It’s not your fault, Brett. I know you’ve had good luck with them and hopefully you do in the future, but it’s been a disaster for us. We just happened to join Dreamhost at a time when they decided to fail every other day. The biggest appeal to joining Dreamhost was their cheap dedicated servers. We moved from a Level 3 VPS on Host Gator to the dedicated server and are moving back to a Level 6 VPS with Host Gator. Their dedicated servers are a bit more expensive, but if the time comes that we absolutely need that we can go ahead and get one there.

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  4. Berselius

    @ Brett:

    No worries Brett, shit happens. If you’re thinking of moving too HostGator was great to us in the past. Incredible customer service, including doing a complete restore at one point when MB accidentally deleted the entire site (dying laughing)

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  5. Berselius

    @ mb21:

    I don’t think many people are going to claim that a no-hitter (or even a perfect game) was more impressive than that outing. Especially considering how close it was to both of those anyway.

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  6. mb21

    Wasn’t there some pitcher for the Dbacks a year or two ago who threw a no-hitter, but walked 8 guys? I’ve seen dozens of starts more impressive than that one. Samardzija’s start last night is but one of many. F7 has had 3 starts this year more impressive than that no hitter. Dempster has had 1 or 2 and Garza the same.

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  7. Aisle424

    Suburban kid wrote:

    Thanks for the 48 hours heads up Aisley. I can now schedule my weekend accordingly. Some blogs would only give you 12 hours notice or some shit.

    We have hired Mike Quade as a consultant.

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  8. GBTS

    @ mb21:
    Here’s what Pettitte said under oath in 2008:

    I’m saying that I was under the impression that he told me that he had taken it. And then when Roger told me that he didn’t take it, and I misunderstood him, I took it for that, that I misunderstood him.

    Yeah, sounds like a complete 180 to me. Fucking idiots (media and the prosecution).

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  9. Aisle424

    We just wanted to let you know that we are changing hosts as Dreamhost has been one fail after another since we joined.

    I blame Brett.

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  10. mb21

    @ Berselius:
    I agree. I get part of what MGL is saying, but the idea that we shoudln’t be excited when things happen mostly because of luck is absurd. I’m pretty sure if he won the lottery he’d be excited. I liked Tango’s comment:

    The no-hitter thing is ridiculous, because they make a big deal of 0 hits and 3 walks, but they won’t be as happy with 1 hit and 0 walks.

    The super excitements should be on perfect games, triple plays, and come-from-behind wins, with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th.

    I don’t think I’ve ever gone crazier as a fan than some of the Cubs comeback wins. That game against the Rockies in 2008 when they blew a huge lead to win in the bottom half or the game a week or so later against the Brewers (Aram walk-off). When a triple play happens it’s usually for some fucked up reason so I don’t really care. It’s kind of like an inside the park home run. Most of them are doubles or triples, but either the fielder or field itself plays it into a home run. They’re fun to watch though.

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  11. GBTS

    I did like MGL’s insinuation that people should have been actively celebrating Bartolo Colon’s 38 consecutive strikes as they occurred.

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  12. mb21

    @ GBTS:
    I think it’s funny that IATMS can get it right, but almost nobody in the mainstream media can. It’s too bad that NFL players aren’t hitting home runs because maybe they’d do something about all of the deaths. Why can’t some journalist ask Congress why they give a fuck about PED’s, but not what’s happening in the NFL?

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  13. mb21

    @ GBTS:
    Yeah, that’s absurd. The celebration is usually after a win and not when someone throws a bunch of strikes though Colon’s 38 strikes may be the most impressive thing we see this season.

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  14. Berselius

    @ mb21:

    It’s not that hard for a pitcher to throw 38 strikes in a row. I’m sure there’s luck involved in not having them all knocked around though. Maybe if it was 38 swinging strikes in a row.

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  15. WaLi

    @ Aisle424:
    Probably should be a forum post, but whatever.

    My new state (NC) is having a vote on May 8th to add to the NC Constitution that states:

    Constitutional amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State.

    It’s such bullshit and the amount of hate that comes from bigotry sickens me. All the churches with their signs “The bible says homosexuality is a sin”.. Who gives a shit what other people do with their lives. Let them be happy or let be able to get divorced.

    Supporters of the amendment argue that without an amendment banning same-sex unions, situations in which married same-sex couples move from states like New York will seek legal rights and they argue that the state is not “equipped to handle that.” Rep. Paul Stam said, “They’re going to bring with them their same-sex marriages. They’re going to want to get divorced” and have custody issues decided, he said. “We’re not equipped to handle that.”

    Sorry, the, political talk, will stop, NOW.

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  16. bubblesdachimp

    Doug Padilla ‏ @ESPNChiCubs
    Oddity of the day: The Reds’ Homer Bailey will face the Cubs’ Ryan Dempster with both celebrating thier birthdays today.

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  17. Suburban kid

    @ WaLi:
    I have raging liberals cluttering up my FB newsfeed every day. Today, a guy I know who I always suspected to be a raging conservative posted some vitriol against his fellow NC neighbors for supporting that amendment.

    I’ll never post political shit on FB, but it’s interesting how certain issues can move others to rant to their “friends” online.

    One of my actual friends on FB who is a raging liberal happens to be a methodist minister and his current statuses are all about that religion’s convention going on now and whether the issue of recognizing LGBT as welcome members of the church will make it on the agenda before it’s over.

    NC needs to know it’s not just a Christian country anymore, it has changed.

    Christian churches may need to change too if they don’t want the country to be even less Christian.

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