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Dreamcast 74: Fumes

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Kind of sucky that we have actual jobs and lives and responsibilities that make it so our recording sessions often coincide with Cubs games, and also sucky that sometimes, the Cubs don’t win those games. But methinks most of what we said during this latest poop of a loss is still applicable as the Cubs remain in contention in the …

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Dreamcast 73: The Moving Goalposts

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We promise never to talk about magic numbers again too prematurely because that past stretch kind of went to hell in a hurry, but the Cubs are still miraculously in a good position to earn that postseason berth should they choose to play better in these final two weeks, and the first game back at home was a pretty good …

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Dreamcast 72: Magic Number Math

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Rice and berselius talk about the current stretch of struggling Cubness, and try to do some math to figure out the Cubs magic number should they ever decide to play good baseball again. You can check out the podcast page or just click on the embedded players below. You can also use the sidebar to get to our Apple Podcast pages and …

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Dreamcast 71: House Money

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RC & AC hang out by themselves this time because everyone else had better things to do or whatever. Topics include: I did a bit more editing this time but got pissed off several times because my mouse crapped out here or there and changed settings all funky on me, so at least this is a short one. You can …

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Dreamcast 70: This Game Will Drive You Crazy

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RC, AC, SVB & berselius hang out as the Cubs were crapping the bed against the Tigers (but they did win the finale and the series) to ponder the state of the Cubs. Topics include: Apologies for the lazy edit, ran out of time and have to do actual work here and there for a real job that pays money. …

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Dreamcast 69: A Nice Stretch

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As the Cubs continue to chip away at their deficits in both the division and wild card races, RC, SVB, and Berselius hang out to consider how to bridge the rotation until Stroman gets back (and hopefully doesn’t suck), Drew Smyly going to the bullpen, trying to get Seiya Suzuki right, and extending Cody Bellinger. Plus there’s some extended talk …

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Dreamcast 68: Making It Worthwhile

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Glad the Cubs didn’t blow it in the ninth, but they probably should figure out how to find a better lefty reliever. Anyway, RC & Berselius hang out to discuss the happenings around the Trade Deadline now that it’s over, including what the Cubs did. We also hope for a quick fix for Marcus Stroman and Seiya Suzuki while also …

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Dreamcast 67: The Gigantic Rant

In by Rice Cube134 Comments

RC, AC, and berselius may have ranted the Cubs into a shocking comeback…or not, it could go either way. Topics include whether to buy, sell, or stand pat, trading the farm for a certain uberstar, and more. You can probably note the difference between when I take the time to edit the crap out of the podcast and when I …

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Dreamcast 66: All-Star Edition

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After the Draft, RC, Berselius, & BVS hang out to talk about the Cubs strategy, the All-Star festivities and what we liked versus what they need to change, and the usual stuff about whether this team is good enough to avoid a sell-off and make a pleasantly surprising postseason run. You can check out the podcast page or just click on the …

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Dreamcast 65: Jet Lag

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Rice and Berselius hang out to basically kill half an hour talking about the Cubs, Trey Mancini’s shitty defense, some stuff about wildfires and the CBA, and wish everyone a fun Fourth of July as we prepare for the All-Star break and the trade deadline. You can check out the podcast page or just click on the embedded players below. You can …