OV Fantasy Baseball 2015 discussion

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Fantasy Baseball was what turned me from a casual baseball fan into the fan I am today (with some help from Sammy Sosa), but I lost interest in it 5-6 years ago. Daily lineups, the long season, and relatively large rosters (compared to FFL) led to way more micromanaging than I had time for, and the only thing I really cared about was whether I felt like I had a good draft.

This rambling intro leads me to reviving a discussion we had late last season – I’d like to fire up an OV FLB league for people who like baseball but are generally as lazy as me, and I’m open for suggestions on how to do it. Here are my extremely tentative thoughts for setup:

  • Weekly lineups and waivers, so we don’t have to fuss with this crap every day.
  • Zero bench spots, but sizeable DL slots.
  • Smaller rosters (though maybe opening it up a bit if the league size is small): C/1b/2b/ss/3b/3 OF/util/6-ish P.
  • Scoring: leaning towards points/roto, but open to suggestions.
  • My original idea¬†was to do a transactions limit, but that kinda sucks due to DL luck and would require too much management on the commish end.

Feel free to offer any suggestions in the comments, and if you’re interested let me know here or by email (it’s just my username at gmail).

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