OV Podcast Episode 16: A soupçon of podcast

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We are back! Sort of. We squeezed this short podcast in last weekend, and true to the OV brand I messed up my audio setup and missed the first 5-10 minutes of it. In this episode, Jeff (berselius), David (sitrick2), and Myles (Myles) discuss

  • Dexter Fowler, sleeper agent?
  • Comments on the roster turnover, or lack thereof
  • How many games will the Cubs win?
  • The fact that no one has done any homework
  • Disaster scenarios
  • Jeff confuses Pete Kozma and Zack Cozart for the 500th time

It was great to talk baseball again, maybe even great enough for me to pay attention to spring training.

Enjoy! Or don't. I can't tell you what to do.

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