Dreamcast 63: Treading Water

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Until we can figure out a better night/day/whatever to record, it’ll be just RC & berselius gracing your eardrums for those who dare to listen. In this episode:

  • The stupid Oakland Athletics move that’s probably going to happen because Nevada caved and they’re probably going to regret it
  • The fun with the dogs and the atmosphere at Oracle Park even though the Cubs lost
  • What to do about the Cubs roster as they welcome back Cody Bellinger and trade season is coming soon (this was recorded on Tuesday night so obviously stuff happened since then)
  • Hoping the Cubs actually complete a sweep and can keep building in a crappy division and league

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  1. andcounting

    I’m legit confused as to why Pittsburgh’s manager was arguing with the call that put Madrigal the human grounder on first with a runner on 3rd and one out. The score would almost certainly be tied if Madrigal had been allowed to keep hitting.

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