Dreamcast 58: Next Starts Somewhere

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Okay kids, we’ve made it to Opening Day. I’m very tired, but this is done before first pitch and you can listen to RC, berselius, BVS, and AC talk about how much the Brewers suck and the Cubs will destroy them in the opening series.

Topics include:

  • How we liked the way the new rules played out
  • The strengths of the team and how to steal extra wins
  • The Nico Hoerner extension and what’s in store for Ian Happ
  • Plus cameos from AC’s kid and berselius’ puppy

You can check out the podcast page or just click on the embedded players below. You can also use the sidebar to get to our Apple Podcast pages and leave a nice review and rating if it pleases you.

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  1. berselius

    Since there was some confusion on the pod about the timing on replay reviews, it looks like the new process is:

    Managers have to put their hand up ‘immediately’, then have 15 seconds to decide if they are going to challenge. The umpire keeps track of this time somehow. Though conveniently there should also be a pitch clock counting down, so I suspect that this will effectively be the real time limit to challenge.

    In games televised by MLBN and Apple+, it sounds like there will be a live look in on the pompously named Replay Operations Center along with a NFL-esque ‘rules analyst’ to explain the decision.

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  2. berselius

    For all the concern out there that a game might end on a pitch clock violation, I think a more annoying possibility would be a controversy arising over bad/prejudicial timing from whoever operates said pitch clock. That’s a hell of a lot of short timers to hit over the course of the game. I guess the NBA must have it figured out though so maybe it’s not as hard as I think. Teams will just need to keep a supply of ritalin in the press box (dying laughing).

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  3. Author
    Rice Cube


    I imagine there’s an intern or two tracking the deployment of said pitch clock to make sure there aren’t too many discrepancies since players are, for better or for worse, creatures of habit

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