Cubs 8, Nationals 6 (5/6/16)

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OSS: Ben Zobrist homers again. And again.

Three up:

  1. Ben Zobrist is just utterly on fire right now, homering twice and drawing two walks in today’s game. *Quietly deletes the WTF @ tbe Ben Zobrist signing post from the offseason*. When Rendon homered in the second PA of the game, it only made me more confident that the Cubs would have a great day at the plate. Despite that 0-24 or whatever it was stretch a few weeks back, Zobrist’s line on the season is .277/.398/.489.
  2. RIzzo and La Stella also homered today, and Rizzo’s looked like one of the deepest HRs I’ve ever seen short of the Schwarber playoff bomb. Now that Wrigley is no longer an icebox, it’s hard to fathom that this offense could kick it into even higher gear.
  3. Lackey was a little rocky early, giving up that wind-aided homer to Rendon and giving up a run off the bat of the opposing pitcher. After that he settled down, and ended the day with eleven strikeouts in seven innings.
    3a. Props to the Cubs marketing department by having video-board led Take Me Out To The Ballgame in back to back games.

Three down:

  1. It’s easy to forget that leads can disappear quickly when the wind is blowing out, and the still superfluous ClayDick and Justin Grimm gave up four runs in about two blinks.
  2. Javy had an 0-fer today, and it looked like the wind was inspiring him to try to hit a ball to Michigan.
  3. Still no Jorge Soler in the lineup.

Next up: Hammel v Gonzalez, 3:05 PM CT.

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